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Great Company

Fast delivery times and low prices what more could you want.
Will always use with confidence when buying PC hardware.


Never had a problem

Sold lots of items, including a fridge, desks, vehicles and parts etc., never had a problem.
Didn't cost me a penny to sell anything and you can save a lot of money buying used.
Great alternative to greedBay.



I've been using paypal for the past 8 years, but recently I was robbed of over £100 by a scammer on eBay. PayPal swiftly handed my money back to the scammer :s , even though I had provided rock solid evidence of my innocence. Ebay and PayPal, are the most greedy, unethical companies in existence.
LOYALTY and TRUST mean nothing to PayPal, they simply do not care.

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Boundary Bathrooms

Massive saving, Fantastic service

I decided to order from boundary bathrooms as they had the product I wanted at the lowest price by far. My order arrived quick, the tracking and email updates where great. Couldn't be more happy, will do business again. *****

Overclockers UK

No Problems... Ever

I have used a lot over the past year, every time the service has been excellent. I've had problems with most of the other online PC component retailers in the UK, but not a single issue with overclockers. I highly recommend them as first choice.



Great site, useful tips and info...


Used Many Times

I occasionally buy from tesco online and the delivery is always very fast regardless of whatever postage I choose. I bought mobile phone last year off them for roughly £16 delivered. Took about 3 days to arrive but Strangely I ended up getting a postage refund, Tesco said it was delayed :S, so the phone only cost £10 delivered:)


Hazro 27" monitor

Great service every time :)

Scan Computers

Rubbish Customer Service

I bought some speakers for £59 which arrived faulty I sent them back and got a refund of £43... I'm not sure how thats even legal :S

07 February 2012

Reply from


The full value of the faulty speaker's has been refunded to you. You asked for a replacement or a full refund and a full refund you have received.

I'm really unsure why you have rated us so badly when you have received what you requested, or why you have questioned the legality of this?

The remaining balance of your order was due to the other product you also ordered, which was not faulty and was not requested to be RMA'd.


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