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I can finally give a review!

The Big Boy Bean Bag (Lime Green) has finally arrived, good quality and solid (looks like it's leaking at first, but it's just excess beans from when it was filled). I will try and add a photo of the beanbag to this review when I get back from work.

The poor rating comes from being over 2 months late on delivery (missing the Christmas deadline) with no communication or apology, emails and phone calls ignored until posting on this site to find out what had happened. If updates were provided earlier then my rating may have been slightly higher, but the delay was totally unacceptable.

My thanks to Sonia for keeping me up to date with my order after I had lost all hope. I hope they are paying you well for dealing with so many unhappy customers, thanks for getting back to me so quickly.

01 March 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (

Dear Marius

Great to hear you are now in receipt of your Bigboy order.



Sonia Harris

Customer Relations Supervisor

CS reply within an hour!

I have to say I'm very impressed with! After filing a complaint about late delivery, they responded within an hour and offered a full refund of postage costs, nice one guys! :-)

Groupon UK

Loved the company until they worked with

A lot of people are feeling conned and cheated by the way groupon advertised a 6 week delivery for items that may or may not exist from, after looking at their reviews I can see people have waited years with non-delivery of products or refunds and neither company wants to talk to anybody about it...

I for one have had enough of being passed between the two of them and am now getting legal advice. All previous purchases with Groupon have been fine but they better be ready to loose a whole load of customers and better be getting legal advice themselves.

"top-rated business partners" is what they claim... if you want to see Infurn's "top rating" click here:



Edinburgh Gyle Store: 27/12/11 - Tried to return a DVD after Christmas as I already had it, I didn't want to offend my sister and tell her, or even worse have to ask for the receipt so I went back to the shop to see if I could just exchange it (didn't expect a refund without a receipt)... The person I spoke to was incredibly rude and said they couldn't accept it as there was no proof it was from HMV... I pointed out the barcode on the back that said HMV and the price on it. I was happy to accept the current selling price which was lower but they were not interested and demanded I got out the queue. Then as I left, the manager stood blocking my exit just making me more angry. I have now sold the dvd on ebay and donated the proceeds to charity, but HMV have lost a customer for being so damn rude and obnoxiousness and I don't recomend anyone to shop there.

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