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Unbelievably Bad

I emailed them to cancel my membership, but 9 days later they took a payment and despite 5 emails have still not refunded it. I cancelled my membership 14 days before my first delivery was due as the website was so poor I was unable to look at what I might be getting, or to make any changes as promised. Despite all my emails they are STILL saying they are going to deliver me a box this week. Totally unacceptable. next stop Trading Standards.

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Tyre Shopper

Great way to get best-price tyres

Huge savings on forecourt prices, plus great choice & all the info you need.

Westin Gourmet

Lovely steak and chicken breasts

Really nice, juicy steaks and chicken breasts, all delivered on time. Also great customer service when I keep changing my delivery date.


Really useful service

Great idea, although obviously they are only as good as the couriers you use (which is where the feedback facility is invaluable) - I was lucky and used the excellent Matts Couriers. Shipleys fees are a little on the high side if they are paid by the courier as well as the customer, which I suspect is the case.


Fast delivery, Aftersales not so good

I bought worming tablets and they arrived quickly but the packaging did not state which size of tablet they were, so I was unsure how many to give my dogs. I left a message with Petmeds customer service but no-one called me back. Eventually I found tiny print on the blister pack stating the size, but I think this is inadequate when dealing with drugs, and obviously I'm not impressed with the lack of a return call.


Criminally bad

I ordered a game as a Christmas present, which never arrived. Repeated emails to Zavvi who keep claiming to have sent me a form to report non-delivery. Their emails arrive with no form attached. They are incapable of understanding this and tell me to check my spam folder - as if the attachment has somehow come loose from the email. Yes Zavvi, that's how it works - the ether is full of virtual forms which have undone their virtual staples, slipped out of their virtual envelopes and gone for a little wander round in space. It's now about 5 weeks since my order and I have no product, no refund and no sign of progress. I won't be using them again.

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Fantastic Service

I ordered a pair of Harry Hill Eiger boots in the afternoon and requested standard delivery - they arrived the very next day.Plus they were the cheapest place for the boots & cheapest delivery on the net. The boots are pretty good too.

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I took a bangle to be engraved at Samuels in Guildford. When it came back (a week later than promised) the engraving was so small as to be illegible, even to someone who knew what it was supposed to say. The staff agreed and returned it to their engravers, promising it would be prioritised. They asked me to pay for the engraving at this point which I refused, unsurprisingly. Approximately TWO MONTHS LATER it finally came back with acceptable engraving - by now the process had taken nearly 3 months in total. When I suggested they might like to offer me some sort of compensation for the appalling service they said that really I should be paying for both lots of engraving but they were waiving the first charge. Absolutely unbelievable.



Looking at the other reviews, maybe I was lucky but I ordered a Christmas picture and it arrived just a couple of days later, and I'm really pleased with it.



I can't believe that companies such as Amazon and Sainsburys have so little respect for their customers that they continue to use this Omnishambles.
How dare they expect the customer to wait in for 12 hours, and refuse to narrow it down or call when they're half an hour away? And then to make matters worse, for the second time they failed to turn up even after this. They came the next day in a scruffy white van, then told me they didn't have room for the items they were collecting from me and would return later. They finally came back 2 hours after the appointed time.
I so wish there was a no-star option. AAnd again! Another 12-hour delivery slot for an Amazon collection, another no-show. Re-arranged with <external link removed>, who collected 3 hours after my call to Amazon. Yodel deigned to turn up 3 days later.

Orbit Print Ltd

Poor problem resolution (re picture resolution!)

My canvas was very blurred, so I contacted Orbit Print. They said my original picture wasn't high enough resolution to be enlarged. They offered a reprint but refused a refund if there was no improvement. Orbit Print, as the professionals, have a duty to decide whether the customer's photo is good enough before printing - and to check the quality once printed. They did manage to print a better quality canvas; but beware if like me, you are not expert on photography and rely on the professionals' judgement.

14 November 2012

Reply from Orbit Print

We are sorry to hear that you weren't happy with the quality of your first print.

Sometimes, a print will pixelate if the image file supplied has a low resolution. We hold the vast majority of these prints, and contact the customers to obtain higher resolution versions. The thing is, there is no set criteria that defines a pixelated print. Some images are borderline, and in these cases a judgement call has to made.

We apologize for making the wrong call on this occasion, and are glad that we were able to produce a better print for you the second time round.

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