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Thank God for Etsy

I love browsing etsy for original handmade items. So far, I've only purchased organic skincare from a seller, I'm pleased to say she answered any questions I had promptly. My items were delivered internationally so they took a longer time to arrive. But when they did, everything was neatly packaged and was in great condition. My items were all fragile but thankfully there were no mishaps. I've started using the products and I love them. Most importantly they are all that I was promised, organic and gentle for the skin. The products are reasonably priced and shipping was very affordable. I love etsy for making independent sellers from across the globe accessible to buyers such as myself.

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Great shopping experience

I love beauty bar because they carry several hard-to-find products here. Shipping is also free over 25$. I used a coupon for first time customers so I got an extra discount. I would definitely buy from them again.


Great prices indeed

I've flown with air asia several times and all of my experiences were good. What you pay is really what you get in this case as there are extra charges for food, beverage, luggage, seating choice etc. Be smart when going about booking your flight, make sure you choose and pay for all the above add-ons in advance so you pay less. Even after all that, I still managed to save a ton which made travelling on a budget possible.


Bad experience with seller but great customer service

Ebay has almost everything under the sun, you just have to know how to use the search engine to your advantage. I've used ebay only once but the transaction didn't go through. The seller wasn't answering any of my emails and everything just went downhill from there. However, ebay was really efficient and solved the issue for me. I definitely learned that some of these sellers are shady and would approach more cautiously if I were to purchase an item in the future.


You Get What You Pay For

Don't buy full-priced items from the asos label because the quality of the clothing from the label do not match the price at all. I bought 2 skirts, 3 dresses, a top and some jewelry. One of the skirts was too sheer to be worn while two of the dresses are ill-fitting. The jewelry was terrible and fell apart as soon as I unwrapped it. While I appreciate the affordability, I doubt I'll buy items from their label again. I might try buying other labels from the site though.


More selection please...

I love the idea of being able to contribute to a certain cause with purchases made by clicking links through the site. However, the selection of items are just not enough. As the site is relatively new, I'm confident that with more internet exposure, the number of members (curators) will grow and so will the variety of items.


Just Awesome!

I ordered a pair of boots and gloves at a discounted price and they arrived in perfect condition. I love urban as it is the only place I can find deena & ozzy boots which I love. The shipping was a little late but I don't mind since I had them shipped internationally.


Great savings but....

I love how drugstore has almost everything under the sun. Add that to the fact that you get free shipping over $25 and I'm hooked. My only complain is the fact that their coupons could only be used once per account.


More savings

Among all the coupon site there are on the internet, my favorite is definitely couponfollow. The site has all sorts of coupons and even coupons from small businesses. This has helped me make a lot of savings on my purchases.


Payments made secure and easy

Both my dad and myself have been using paypal for the longest time and we've never had any issues with any of our payments. I even use it to transfer money sometimes and i'm not charged anything if I use the balance in my account. I really appreciate how paypal protects my information so I'm able to do all my online shopping without any worries. My hope is that all online shopping sites and sellers use paypal so more variety for me!


So far Super great

I purchased the amal oils organic set with Moroccan Savon Noir with Eucalyptus, Moroccan Exfoliating Glove; Moroccan Rhassoul Clay with Plant Extracts,100% Organic Moroccan Rose Water Toning Mist, 100% Organic Moroccan Neroli Water Toning Mist, 100% Organic Argan Oil priced at $209 for only $99. The items arrived in good condition within the estimated time. I would definitely purchase more items from them.

Value For Money

LateRooms really made it convenient for a friend and myself to find rooms during the last minute at such affordable prices. It is also very reliable as we had no problem with any price discrepancies during the check in. While I prefer to stay in apartments for long holidays, LateRooms would certainly be my choice if I was on a business trip or needed just a night at an airport hotel.


Keep It Up Yoox!

I love how Yoox manages to offer designer items at such reasonable prices.The items arrived on time in good condition. I have only ordered from them once but I will definitely buy from them again.


When Travelling Choose Wimdu

Wimdu is perhaps the best site I have come across so far while searching for accommodation overseas. It offers rooms with a wide range of prices. So expect to find cosy rooms located in prime areas- well suited for the adventurous solo traveler, to luxurious suites for you honeymooners. Rooms on offer usually include amenities such as a washing machine, kitchen, WiFi and television, all situated within walking distance of public transport.

Personally, my stay was further enhanced by the friendliness and generosity of my host. I really appreciated how she went all out to ensure I was comfortable, even providing a humidifier when I mentioned how dry the air was. She took me around some lesser known areas which made it all the more unforgettable.

All in all, Wimdu makes travelling possible for those on a tight budget like myself without sacrificing safety and the unique experience of life as a local.

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