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I'm lending money for free...

I placed an order for Miracle Mud which showed as having 15 items in stock on their website. A day later I received an email stating the order had been cancelled due to the item being discontinued.

However, my bank details show they have taken the £90. I waited a couple of days to see if a refund would appear, it didn't. So I spoke to customer services who said all refunds have to go before the Director, which is stupid as it is them who cancelled the order. So I politely asked for email confirmation of my refund. I was told 'accounts are done off-site and their only contact is by email' - their attitude was on the lines of... I'll ask but I can't guarantee. I've called back but all I get now is an answering machine.

The upshot of all this is its been over a week and I still haven't received my refund! I know I'll get my money back but how long will it take - a charge back takes 30days from purchase - so it looks like I'm in the business of lending money for free!

I've worked for a large online retailer and I can say from experience this company has poor organisation, is lacking in procedures and treats its customers as a nuisance. Avoid avoid avoid.

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