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Great, they're back! - but only mail order it seems.

I ordered a Dyson 'dustbuster' type hand vacuum and arranged to have it delivered to a local shop for me to collect at my convenience - much better than finding I was out when it was delivered to my address and a little card left for me to collect a package from the sorting office. The choice of delivery locations was extensive, the nearest collection point being from a shop 3 minutes walk away. I was advised by e-mail when it was ready for collection, which was the day after (yes, really) I ordered it.
The price was one of the best anywhere and it came with an additional free set of tools which, although I wouldn't have paid the extra £50 odd for them, I wasn't going to say 'no thanks'. A couple of other retailers offered them free, but I would have paid more for the vacuum. This made it a proper bargain, and the tools have proved useful.
The only disadvantage is that the vacuum and tools came in separate packages, which were not delivered to my nominated collection point at the same time, so I had to make 2 journeys - no real hardship. A note on the e-mail to say that only part of my order was available for collection would have been useful as I had assumed it meant that my complete order was ready. The second package was delivered the next day (again, advised by e-mail) so I could easily have waited an extra day and collected them together, had I known.
All in all a very good service, great value and very fast delivery with alternative options available if you are likely to be out when the postman calls.


Excellent service, excellent product

The trolley jack arrived after 2 days, didn't expect it to be quite so big and heavy. Yes, I noted the specification, but obviously I am not so good at tranferring measurments from a tape measure to a visual representation. Whoops! Works so much better than my last one, don't know what make it was, but not a Sealey. Large rubber covered saddle makes jacking up a vehicle so easy and feels bombproof. The sheer size gives great confidence. (Bear in mind that I am more used to halfords style jacks). Very stable due to the large footprint.
Too heavy to carry, don't drag it over concrete during unsociable hours - unless your neighbours live more than a quarter of a mile away.
Easy to pump up thanks to long handle. Protective sleeve is superfluous on my vehicle as only the low entry part will fit under my car - the handle is still far enough away not to touch the bodywork. However, on a higher car or 4x4, this would, no doubt, be a useful feature.
Lowering the jack is no problem either, as the universal joint allows lowering regardless of the position of the handle.
The service I received from Justoffbase was superb. Delivered in 2 days (free delivery over £75), and a question I had regarding the jack was answered the next day using their 'contact us' option on the web site. Incidentally, the jack appears to be sourced direct from Sealey's who then invoice Justoffbase, missing out the middle man and reducing potential transport damage.
Overall, a very pleasant experience.

Nite Watches

Service great, but shouldn't have needed it.

I have the MX10 watch with the 'plastic' strap. I use the watch intermittantly, mainly on night shifts, wearing my Seiko for day to day use.

I was very disappointed that the strap broke across a pair of locating holes after less than 2 years use. Luckily, I was wearing long sleeved coat with the wrist adjustment pulled tight, otherwise the watch could very easily have been lost.

The service from Nite when I ordered a replacement was excellent, but I think that on a £200 watch, the strap should be substantially more robust - possibly with reinforcing braid incorporated in the design, particularly when the failure of the part can lead to the loss of the watch.

If the watch does last for the maximum possible useful life of 25 years, I could end up spending over £228 on straps at todays prices. I consider this unacceptable and detracts from what is otherwise a very useful and well built timepiece.

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