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Lovely but why can't they make it more intuitive

Freecycle is a lovely idea but, having used eBay, it's a nightmare to navigate around.

Why can't the whole process be more simplified like eBay?

Also, all the people that I've spoken to about it say it's great what you get for free but it's not normally as good as you would imagine the items to be if you read their description!


How do you get the hang of it!!??!!

Twitter is loved by many. Not me. I just can't find my way round it properly - I obviously need a training course!

Also, services like BBC News are posting up so much information that it's overwhelming, especially if you're also getting feeds from other prolific tweeters.

I think I'll leave Twitter to those that have more time on their hands than me!


Really handy that it works on iPhone

Works really well for face to face calls. iPhone FaceTime is probably better quality image but no good if the other person doesn't have an Apple product like iPhone or iPad!

Fantastic when you're in another continent since you can load up credit and call to a land line back home at much lower rates. You can even set it up so that your own phone number appears when you call that person back home.

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Great now that more than eBay are using it.

Nice and simple. Shame that if someone transfers money to your account its not automatically put back to your bank account but that's only a small gripe!

Mazuma Mobile

Really easy. Others offered more money but more agro to get it.

First class. I'd not sold any phones before but will definitely use Mazuma again given the chance. Very prompt to send the free mail envelope. Money in the bank the next day. Fantastic. Thanks

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