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Excellent value and quick delivery

I placed my order on Tuesday and received it on Wednesday. Wow. All the items were there and exactly as described. Everything true to size. Good choice of casual clothes. Quality OK, for the price. In fact the prices were amazing. I didn't pay more than a few quid per top. I just hope things wash OK. Very pleased and would use again.


They take your money and run

I paid a year up front for Facebook ads via this ‘company’. CTR Web Media was very unprofessional and just a one man band pretending to be a large established company. This person’s ability when it comes to graphic design is very poor, so you will end up having to design the ads yourself. He even decided to remake my logo (don’t ask me why) by taking someone else’s copyright image. He also can't spell or use punctuation, so you will have to have draft after draft done until you can sign off one ad. Then once it is live it won't stay live and you will have to keep contacting CTR Web Media and asking them to refresh the ad again.

But that is not the worst of it. I paid him up front for a full year of Facebook ads. After just 5 months he stopped running my ad, he stopped answering his phone or email and he took his website offline - gone. I ended up having to contact Citizens Advice and writing an official letter to try to reclaim 6 months worth of my money. I eventually got an email reply from CTR Web Media saying "Due to unforeseen family circumstances I have been unable to continue with business until now." He now has his website up and running again and is presumably cold calling for more punters, yet is refusing to contact me with regards giving me my money back, even though he had my money up front and essentially did a runner with it. He doesn't seem to realise this is the real world where you can't just take someone’s money and then run off for a few months and start up again when you fancy it yet not deal with the customers you left in the lurch. My next step is the small claims court.


Review Centre now get money for adding links to reviews

Today I noticed that some of my customer reviews on Review Centre now mysteriously contain links to other products on other websites. I contacted Review Centre to ask why and they replied:


The links that appear on this review, and across the site, are randomly generated by a third party advertising company. As Review Centre is a free site the only way we can afford to run it is via the use of advertising.


The Review Centre Team

In my opinion this is totally unacceptable and I shall be looking into this further.

I replied as follows:

That is a disgrace. I don’t even see how that is ethical. People see a good review for an item, they will likely click on the given link maybe with a view to purchasing and they end up on another site and another product entirely, as if the review was for that.

Do you think that is fair or even ethical? If you need income can’t you just post adverts? Is it even legal to do links that are in fact ads yet not make it clear they are ads? Isn’t there a law against that? All ads, which these essentially are, need to be flagged clearly as ads don’t they? The links you are adding to other people’s reviews are not related to the product or site they are reviewing.

03 January 2013

Reply from Reviewcentre

Hi Jenny,

Thanks for leaving your feedback for us here on Trustpilot. I know that we have had quite a bit of correspondence with you and we are really sorry that we’ve not been able to help you with your concerns about the advertisements that we place on our site.

We just wanted to reply to your review to let you, and other readers of Trustpilots pages know the background to your complaint.

As a free to use service we fund our site through advertising. We have different types of advertising including traditional banner and MPU style ads, as well as the in text ads that you were concerned about. This is the business model that we have chosen, and we feel that it works well in keeping us independent from the advertisers who use our site, as all ads are arranged through third parties. Trustpilot is funded through its business account feature, which is why it does not need advertising on its site.

We understand that both types of business model have relative drawbacks and benefits and we are constantly striving to offer the best service to our members.

Kind regards

The Review Centre Team


Unprofessional and lack of customer care

Really disappointed with this website. After waiting over 3 weeks for my order I asked them where it was and was told that due to an error they had not despatched it, despite taking my payment. I also had not received any order confirmation from them at all and when I asked for one I was told it was automated and they could not send me it. They then emailed the following day saying they won't despatch to my country of residence, despite the fact that their cart allowed me to select that country as my delivery address and proceed with my order. Again, another error with their site, I was told.

Won't send me what I ordered

Cheap quality goods... worse than market quality. One of the items I ordered did not arrive as they sent the wrong item by mistake. I told them of their error and sent it back but they now inform me they will not be sendng me the correct item. They say I have to place a new order, therefore paying postage again. Disgraceful and surely against the law. I shall be reporting them to trading standards.

My Itchy Dog

Excellent service

The service from My Itchy Dog was brilliant. Very fast and helpful replies to my emails and they helped add a product to my order before despatch. I would definitely recommend. Jenny

Chemist Direct - UK's Online Pharmacy. Fast, discreet & secure.

Dreadful company and thieves

Absolutely the worst company on the internet. Steer well clear.

They lie all the time telling you they have emailed you or they will email you, saying they have dispatched goods, they have done this, that and the other... it is all lies. Plus half the things they claim to have online they do not actually have in stock. So don't expect a full order, even if it does arrive.

I placed an order and 1 month later it still had not even been dispatched so I cancelled it. I gave them one last chance, placed another order and so wish I had not.

It arrived in 4 parts, mostly squashed and ruined. One item was incorrect and so far they have done nothing to rectify that. About 20% of my order is apparently out of stock and to date I am still waiting for my refunds, despite being promised by them 3 times that I would be refunded. I should be refunded... Chemist Direct - you can't not send me goods but still keep my money.

Here is the icing on the cake. To top it all I saw on my bank statement today that they have taken a further £81.66 from my card for no reason at all.. just decided to make another debit on my card. Fraudsters. I shall be reporting them. How dare they take money from me like that.

So you most likely won't get your goods or if you do it will take weeks and numerous phone calls and what arrives probably won't be what you ordered anyway. The time and money you spend chasing up your order will surely cancel any gain made from some cheap goods. They then have your card details on file and it seems they will have no hesitation in taking more money from you if they feel like it, without your permission and with no reason... yes, illegally. This is what happened to me. I contacted them and do you know what they did... they hung up on me. Nice company.

They now owe me £105.

A complete disgrace.

Unlike some others on here, I won't be letting them keep my money. I will get it back, all of it. But really, for a few cheap toiletries, who needs this hassle.

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