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I have to say, I have had a great experience with this site. I bought my CKCS from a hobby breeder 6 years ago who advertised on Epupz, and she has been an absolute delight. I spent a lot of (enjoyable) time going through the listings over several months - and got very good at spotting repeat phone numbers, not being offered a chance to see the puppies with the bitch, areas of the country which always seemed to have puppies, places which would deliver pups to you, repeat photos, repeat mis=spellings (sic!)......
Maybe the site could give more guidance to visitors? I agree that Epupz should CERTAINLY do more screening. But everyone should spend time researching before purchasing. All parts of the internet are being misused by crooks - just look at certain auction sites' 'genuine' items!!!!
I feel more anger towards my local garden centre that has puppies for sale - an absolutely blatant, heart wrenching puppy farm outlet.
Maybe Epupz should lead a campaign against puppy farming - now that would get its ratings up!!!!

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