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Digiprint Supplies

First class service - pleasant buying experience

To cut a long story short I was in trouble for some parts for a wide format digital printer - the best turn around time that I could find in the UK was 7 to 10 days - I was recommended to Digiprint Supplies who are in Belgium. I contacted them through live-chat on their website where there were no language barriers and advice was spot on. I Ordered my parts and despite it being a bank holiday in Belgium the parts were delivered within 48 working hours. Parts were as OE and were a perfect fit, As an added bonus the cost of the parts were a third of the prices quoted in the UK. Shame I have had to buy outside our country but hats off to Digiprint - First class service / pricing and communication. I will be using again and recommending to others.

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18 February 2014

Reply from

Thank you so much for your feedback, Laurie. We are so happy to know that you were pleased with your order. Our mission is not only to offer our customers the parts and equipment they need but to do so with fast delivery that reflects the urgency of their order, and we strive to provide experiences just like yours.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can continue to enhance our service to best serve you.



Communication non existent

After many years of using this company had a problem for the first time but impossible to talk to them - They have a sales line where the operatives are extremely unhelpful unless you are buying a product, they will not put you through to anybody else just quote 'use the website' the website does not answer the question and all links to email simply bounce back. Save yourself some time and use a different provider. Good service when all is well far from acceptable if there is a problem.

Magic Toolbox

Great product and service

New to Dreamweaver and last website build was loonnggg time ago. Saw Magic toolbox and like the transitions and effects that they offered - The download and billing process was easy and priced fairly. As a newbie I could't get the effects to work quite how I wanted them so I emailed for some help. The replies came swiftly and with constructive and helpful comments and direction.
The show has without doubt improved the look of the website and the ease of use and help has made the whole process a lot easier.
One of the main reasons that we wanted to use this code is that we remain in control of it and do not have to rely upon a third party site being live and maintained where the code is housed.
On balance I would not hesitate in recommending Magictoolbox.


Great products but service goes beyond good - an excellent customer service :-)

Ordered an android tablet via Amazon from this company and it was well priced and arrived quickly - It was a birthday present and it couldn't have been better - right from the outset when the box was opened it was easy to use and gave a few hours of sheer delight to the receiver. Unfortunately disaster soon followed as being security conscious and taking it everywhere they went, my child shut it in the car glove box closing the catch onto the screen resulting in cracking the LCD panel. I contacted A1CS and they gave details of how to send it back for repair, this was over a Christmas period, yet I sent it late Wednesday afternoon and it arrived back with us on Friday so was about 36 hours between sending it away and receiving it back repaired. The repair price was very fair and it arrived back with absolutely no indication that it had been repaired in any fashion other than the screen was of course now in one piece and fully operational. It seems to be increasingly more difficult to find companies with customer service levels that meet expectations. It is really refreshing when I find myself faced with one that exceeds expectatiuons.
I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending this company
Thank you.


Sign Trade supplier - Always delivers on time and on budget

We have used this company in the past and have been pleased with the product and service, We continue to use them and they have consistently delivered high standards of quality components / pricing and service. Applelec go that extra bit further when things are not as straight forward as they might have been and do everything in their power to accommodate. We will definitely use again and would recommend them :-)


1st Class service - Good value and would recommend :-)

We had a VW Crafter smoking badly and failed MOT, had a number of checks with various mechanics / garages and no fault shown. Took it to Green Lanes and saw Grant - polite and helpful suggested De-carbonisation with his new cleaning machine (Terraclean) - Now no smoke ;-) engine running much better and passed MOT smoke test with no issue at all - would recommend. The garage is well equipped for diagnostics and repairs and will use again - would recommend them


Sadly let down

Some weeks on and Samsung was still unable to resolve my issue, in fact they were not even able to communicate effectively. I have had a phone call back with a promise to investigate and call back by Friday 05/09/2012 at latest - no phone call! I have had a mail from customer services saying that a complaint has been logged - no explanation! The retail outlet from where I purchased the printer has managed to resolve the printer issue by replacing it but the service from Samsung remains to be shocking. I will update when they can be bothered to have the common courtesy to explain their poor standard of service.
Now three weeks without a printer - service continues to be substandard and lots of hollow promises - when you do eventually get hold of somebody who says that they are a manager - they promise a solution which doesn't happen - when you phone back to enquire why it didn't happen you start back at the beginning with first line operators who have clearly not even bothered to read the notes - A good product BADLY let down by poor service

Sad update to this review - our printer has since gone wrong in the first three months which in fairness can happen with any manufacturer or model - however trying to get it resolved has been a nightmare - We are now left in a business environment without a printer (Samsung have uplifted it after failed attempts to repair) and simply do not respond to calls or customer care mails - was promised a call back within 24 hours about 190 hours ago - have phoned and was put on hold for 15 mins before being cut off - Things unfortunately go wrong in all walks of like and it is the way in which we deal with these situations that set good service aside from poor - Samsung are not doing very well at present :-(

After purchasing many previous Samsung appliances and having no issues I have changed our works printer - should have done it months ago - the CLP775ND gives low cost per page print whilst delivering high quality results.

On the down side this printer is a little larger that we would have liked and the belt position could have been better placed but on balance would recommend bot the printer and Samsung as a manufacturer

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A great help in dispute

I have used PayPal for some while now (normally via Ebay) but used them recently to pay for a courier service via Parcel2go - the service from parcel2go was absolutely outrageous and after a total lack of service and customer care requested a refund - they made excuses wasted time and did not give any level of service. I raised a dispute with PayPal for the first time and within 24 hours all was resolved and money back in my account.
I see that some reviews have stated that PayPal will only help for Ebay transactions - I can only speak as I find but this was not the case for me and I fear that without their support and involvement I would still be chasing a refund now.
Thank you PayPal - will continue to use with confidence.


Top service thank you

Used to get some canvas tools and materials, web site was very easy to navigate , found what I wanted very quickly and they sent a link to pay by Paypal. The whole thing couldn't have been easier. Carriage charges look a little on the steep side but when it actually came to ordering and paying for it for it the carriage charge was a lot less. I ordered at @ 15.00 Tuesday afternoon and had it by 10:00 Wednesday morning. Couldn't fault their service in any way - Thank you


Continued Exemplery service

Having used Parcelforce for the first time over 5 months ago now and getting a great service, I have used them a number of times since. The initial service was not a fluke as they have continued to consistently deliver a service that has been perfect in every way. Nice to see that some larger companies are sticking with good core values in customer service. :-)
Thank you for an easy and professional experience. From the outset the booking process was very clear and easy giving assurance of a guaranteed next day service. A tracking number was issued and I was able to follow this throughout the collection / delivery process. And they did what they said they would on time. Very slightly dearer than the previous courier I used but then! ..........
Previous courier was parcel2go - they failed to collect twice, had diabolical customer service, did not return calls, spent hours of wasted time trying to resolved - Take good advice - cut out the middle man and go straight to Parcelforce - it is less costly in the long run and an infinitely superior service
Thank you once again


"Very Very poor service - Absolutely no customer support"

Of course a month on and still nobody had the common courtesy to contact me however despite cancelling / un-subscribing / live chat requests etc - I still get junk / spam email from parcel to go - this simply just serves as a reminder of their total inability to follow a simple request or instruction - STEER CLEAR if you don't want grief , hassle and misery!

Final chapter in this sorry case of no service - Nearly two weeks after the event and STILL no courtesy call from their department they laughingly call customer service - a full and final refund has now been given - I'm not at all confident that this would have happened without hours of "live chat" with their less than helpful staff or indeed raising a dispute via PayPal. I will pay parcel2go due respect at every ebay feedback - presentation or review opportunity - If you have want a reliable honest and trustworthy courier DO NOT use this company unless you are prepared to be sadly disappointed.

Further update - Partial refund given today - after much more time on live-chat (still impossible to actually speak to somebody) I have been told that their operators made another mistake so now I have to wait at least another 48 working for the remainder of the refund. I have to say that Although some of the live-chat operators clearly couldn't care less - some of them have tried really hard but simply cannot deliver what the company does not allow. I am sure that if you could only get a customer services person to phone back
(you can't phone to get them - just a premium rate number - no luck getting to talk to them) things could be resolved much earlier and without the stress and frustration. The concept of a middle man driving down courier pricing could work well - their customer service just lets them down so terribly badly. On reflection I would still absolutely not use this company even if they offered me a free service as compensation. I did use parcel force to pick up the parcel that this company repeatedly failed at - inversely Parcel force were fantastic from booking to delivery - Until parcel2go sort out their shambolic service you would be much better advised to go directly to a reliable courier. My experience with Parcel Force was good and we regularly use TNT for work purposes - also excellent service but a little dearer in my experience for a private user.

Update - since review have been promised a call back from customer services which has not happened - have been promised a refund which has not happened - have wasted more hours on the less than useless live chat module - despite a complaint situation parcel2go are still failing miserably to deliver even the most basic of service - they took my money very quickly but do not seem keen to give it back even though they have demonstrated a total inability to provide a service

This company failed to collect twice - persuaded me to pay more for an upgraded service although it was their failure to deliver that made this necessary. Upgraded service was pointless as they failed to deliver on this as well. Live chat rude and unhelpful, the main point that they seem very keep to put across is that they make no promises in terms of customer service or delivery and make you feel an absolute inconvenience. The chat is also frustratingly slow - On all occasions that I had the misfortune to contact them I had to be on PC for 2 hours and upwards. No offers for compensation or enhanced service - I have been advised by someone in the know that Watchdog are currently carrying out investigative enquiries and I can't think of a more deserving company at present. PULL YOUR SOCKS UP parcel2go or suffer the consequences.

Parts Gateway

First Class Service

From using an easy to use website / finding item / placing order and receiving it it couldn't have been simpler. The product was well priced and arrived quickly and in very good condition. Fed up with what seems to be general poor service these days - what a refreshing change these guys are!! I will use again and recommend to others . The response I experienced was polite, honest & efficient.

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