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M Wilson - Sheffield

I don't know where to start. Unbeleiveably slow site to do a search. Everytime you make a change, you then have to click the search button for it to show searches! The frustration with the sie is a real put off & I'm sure I am not the only one who feels this. I have sold a couple of cars and bought one private but always dread the slow speed of the site, waiting for it to acknowledge my options and then having to re click to show them. Adverts in the middle of my searches is awful as is the amount of brand new cars for £99 which then add laods more in to my results! The layout is great but everything behind that is poor and the site is being run poorly!

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M Wilson

Great choice, competetive pricing and excellent service including free returns!

Tyre Shopper

Excellent service & unbeatable prices

None else could get anywhere near the price that Tyre Shopper offered. The service at the station was second to none with a freindly smile and even checked my brakes for free and happy to hear they didn't near replacing. A set of four was changed within half an hour and will be replacing my other cars tyres via this website. Other garages tried to down talk the Barums I got but the reviews these have got are excellent and made by Continental just not the premium ones!

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