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Garden XL

Perfect in every way

My order was exactly as described on the Internet, in fact, it was the only site that not only mentioned the model, but the exact make of BBQ my order was for. Best price on the Internet with free P&P made this great value too.
Was delivered very well packed and very quickly.
Would look at this company as a priority for any future orders based on this experience.


Wanted a Canon macro lens. Ordered Thursday, arrived Monday. Great price and packed with so much bubble wrap there must now be a shortage in Hong Kong. Really good tracking facility so knew what was happening on virtually an hour by hour basis. Would now be my supplier of choice.


Above and beyond service.

A few months ago now, our fridge freezer broke down and could not be repaired. I went to Gillmans to see what they had in stock to replace it quickly so the food in the freezer did not spoil. We had the choice of buying one in stock or waiting for the one we wanted. To help us out, they offered to lend a fridge freezer free of charge until our order could be fulfilled. They brought the loan machine to us, no delivery charge, within 90 minutes and our new appliance was delivered a few days later. They even knocked 10% off the purchase price.
I found this level of customer support to be exceptional and much appreciated. They now have a customer for life.

Simply Electronics Ltd.

Unacceptable delays for in stock items.

I placed my order for a Canon Lens and filter on 28/12/12. I did not get the email acknowledgement I should have so contacted them. They confirmed they had my order and it then appeared on the status screen as received. Nothing then happened so I called them and the status was changed to order in queue where it as been for a long time. This is surprising as they showed everything as being in stock at the time of ordering and still do. If it's not posted tomorrow by express delivery it will not reach me by the end of the week as promised. Now having read some of the comments, I am starting to fear that the lens will not turn up before my holiday. The chap I spoke to on the telephone was helpful and reassuring, so there is some hope. I cannot now do much until the 14 days have passed. It doesn't stop me worrying though.
I will write an update on this when I have one.

Update 1
I have written to them twice now. The first time they updated my order status to "order in queue". The second time they updated the order status to "order is processing" where it has been for nearly 24 hours. Both meaningless phrases. It is now impossible for my order to be fulfilled within the time promises. I wll post a further update when one is available.

Update 2
My Order status has changed to Order awaiting dispatch. That was over 24 hours ago. They promised me delivery by tomorrow. It hasn't even been collected by the courier yet. Seems another meaningless status designed to make the delay look acceptable.

Update 3.
As I was advised last week that my order should be with me by the end of this week, I telephoned them again today and was told that I had to wait up to14 working days before anything could happen. That means 22/1 according to their calculations (from 28/12). It has been in the order waiting to be dispatched status now for nearly 3 days. May need to think about cancellation, but will give it another few days first. Cannot understand why it takes so long when they state that the lens was in stock. Last time I ordered for a different company based in HKG it took four days to reach me.

Update 4.
It has now been just about a week since my status was changed to Order Awaiting Despatch. The item was in stock when I ordered and they took payment on 28/12 when the order was made. While they quote 7-14 working days for delivery, they have had the benefit of my money for 18 days now. Can't understand what is happening. They are not communicating with me.

Final Update (unless problem with goods received)
I wrote for the fourth time 37 hours ago, have not had a reply, but my lens is now in the hands of DHL. Not sure it will get here by Friday, but it is on the way.
This has not been a good experience. I don't think they are malicious, but there are clear problems with the processes they have in getting goods to door. Since the start of this order,I ordered another lens from a different company and it arrived in 6 elapsed days.
I could not recommend this firm based on my experience. Very competitive price, reasonable telephone manner when they are contacted, but I just don't want all the worry that goes with it. The delays are totally unacceptable when the product is shown as in stock.

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My Tuxedo

Good quality. Excellent Delivery

Competitive price. Arrived within two working days and was securely packed. Exceedingly thorough communication about the order throughout.
Would use again.

Battery Force

Exactly what I wanted

Goods matched the desription of thjose ordered. They arrived very quickly and on time. Packaging was suitable to prevent damage.

Good alround service.

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