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Never any stock

Rubbish... theres never any stock for the things i want on the website.. (im looking for a limited edition xbox controller that i can only buy with a game gift card) so i go down the shop and ask if they have any in.. they say "no and we wont have any, go to website" ive been waiting for just over a month and nothing has changed on the site....
I send an email to customer service asking if they will get stock in soon for the controllers.. and brought notice to the fact that there stock alert is broken because it alerted me with stock that was not even in stock... so talk about getting my hopes up and kicking me in the nuts. Anyway after sending my rant about there site having no stock and there stock alert.. alerting me for no reason.. they just send back an automated email, telling me to keep checking the website.... week later.. here i am writing a rubbish review for them.

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