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Better but not the best

We have been consistently using Cathay in our trip to Hongkong, Canada and Paris. I found them better than other airlines via HK. The only problem is the food they served. Since last year, we noticed that for short haul, they served bread for lunch or even dinner. Unlike with other airlines, you get to choose between pasta or rice with chicken or beef. It is really quite disappointing. You ended hungry after a flight:(


Truly a GREAT WAY to FLY!

My family and I love to travel with an average of 5 international flights in a year to different countries or to our favorite destinations. Our favorite is Singapore airlines. Nothing beats the warmth welcome of the flight attendants and the comfortable seats of their cabin. the in flight food and choices of drinks are excellent. Likewise, I m fully satisfied booking with them on line. Everything is just a bliss.


I was getting hooked and crooked so I have to stop

Ebay is a great place to shop and get bargains,. I love the bidding. I cannot stop buying even if I sometimes lose money when I get duped with fake items. There are some unscrupulous sellers who were supposed to be Powerseller. They would insist their goods are authentic but I guess, its either they do not know what 'ORIGINAL' AND "authentic" means or they are vent to deceive with their persuasive posting. I remember one time, it was before Christmas when I bought lots of "authentic" Lacoste shirts to give to my relatives as presents. To my dismay, when i opened the package, the shirts were not authentic Lacoste. I cant return them anymore since Christmas day was in 2 days.

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Check your suppliers!

It is been a long time since I bought items through Amazon. I normally get my on line products from Ebay. It all started when I bought my ebooks from Amazon. Since I was quite satisfied with their service,I started ordering and buying items from their list of suppliers which with the reviews stated were reliable and trustworthy. Unfortunately, when the goods were coming in, they were either the wrong design or below grade, far from what was originally described. I contacted the supplier before I could report her or them to change the items. Some changed the items but still I was left frustrated. Since all my orders were shipped from overseas. It was tiring to go to the our post office to claim so I simply stopped buying and complaining. It wont do any good.

Bath And-body

Go international please!

I always love their products but it really frustrates me ordering it on line. Sometime in the past deal, I have already complained and asked for the company's attention regarding the ordering using a non resident of Canada and US credit card. They do not approved if you are from another continent even if the shipping address is in the US. They could easily verify the credit card (like when I order from Victoria Secret etc.)which is really a lost for them. I hope they will look into this any time soon because they keep on sending me emails re PRODUCTS ON SALE and I could not even buy. That sucks!!!


More Hotels in your list please!

This site is one of my favorite sites when booking a hotel. However, what makes me check on another is the limited choices of hotels and information. Nevertheless, I still consider hotel.com reliable and customer friendly.


VS confidence of sexiness!

I love the undies and the sleepwear of Victoria Secret. I m in my 50's and yet wearing them makes me feel confident and sexy all the time. My husband loves to see me in my Victoria secret undergarments and even my sleepwear. got my 2 girls hooked to VS too. It's simply a bliss ordering from their website. Their customer service is so nice and efficient.


No need to get that trip, Go Skype and keep the love!!!

I swear by Skype especially if we are talking about long distance love affair. This site helped my son maintained his 10 years long distance relationship with his girlfriend who happened to be living in the U.S. He didn't have a US Visa so he couldn't visit her. Everyday since skype came into the picture, he get to see her and talk to her. Last December, they finally tied the knot. Both are now in the US. THANK YOu Skype!

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Google Dependent!

When you want to search for anything under the sun, places, people, words, connection etc.....GO GOOGLE it!!



If you were born a baby boomer never would you imagine such creation that coined the word SOCIAL NETWORKING could possibly exist. I cannot imagine a life without Facebook. Its the best way to connect with people I care, I miss and I have been thinking of with matching photos. It is likewise, the way to share good things and lesson learned. I simply love the site



You are par excellence. The brightest star so far from among your kind. I booked in 3 different hotels and in 2 different places and dates for myself, my husband with our 4 grown up kids just TODAY.. Spending as much.BUT NO REGRETS IN CHOOSING YOU! Because you are worthy of your client's trust and loyalty. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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