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This 'reward' scheme has gone from great to pathetic. A few years ago this site had flat screen tv's, digital cameras and xbox 360's. Now it has mostly Coke branded tat that apparently 'customers have asked for' and a load of cheap and nasty rubbish that you can find for free on the net. US and Australian sister sites are far superior and the UK Coke customers are being fobbed off royally. The blog was removed so we couldn't complain and any negative comments of the Facebook or Twitter pages result in being banned and in one case i know of, actually having your Cokezone account closed! All for just speaking up about the rubbish we're being fobbed off with. Not what you expect from a multi-national. multi-billion $ company. This site is now a joke, so if you're looking at signing up, do yourself a favour..............DON'T!

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