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Ashamed to call them British

Terrible customer service both on residential services and commercially. they are completely dis-organised and havent got a clue about customer service. If a BT sales rep comes to your company don't listen just show them the door. They are just going to rip you off and deliver bad service! I wish i'd shown them the door!


Generally Good

I have ordered from Asda.co.uk and had the item delivered to my local store. It arrived sooner than expected and i was very happy with the soundsystem I purchased. Our local store is a little on the small side and you have to queue for ages.


very useful

I have been a member of moneysavingexpert.com for years now and have alwys found their advice and deals very useful. I would recomend anyone to sign up to them as you get some great deals on all sorts of stuff!


Fantastic but expensive

I was with O2 for about 5 years before switching to Orange for a better deal. Ever since O2 have never been able to beat the deals that Orange have offered me. I wish they would as i would happily go back to them and switch all our phones back to O2 as their customer support and service was always great. My only reason for leaving them was price.


Their ok?

I'm not really a fan of baught pizza (I like to make my own) but, I rate them higher than Puppa Johns and Pizza Hut but we have a good selection of local Pizza companies offering a better range and usually better quality pizza's for much lower prices. Also please stop putting people in costumes on Roundabouts it's very distracting to drivers as they jump up and down and wave their arms around and one of these day's their going to cause an accident and kill someone!


Good quality goods at a fair price

I always though aldi to be a seller of cheap seconds and general rubbish. I've now been shopping at aldi on and off as our nearest store is miles away and we are very happy with the quality of the produce that we have baught. they have a good range and at good prices too. Don't ever rate them as the same as a poundstore or somthing for the lower classes. They have some fantastic ranges of meats, cheeses, vegetables compairable if not better than most of the leading brands. Next time your near an Aldi pop in and have a look you never know you might suprise yourself! Please can we have one in Hemel Hempstead!

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Have ordered many items over the years and have always found them reliable. Everything has always arrived on time and in one piece.


Always good

I have used Argos all my life and regularly orgder items on line and reserve them at local stores. I have always found the staff polite and helpful.


Hate our new Extra!

They have become too commercialised and have lost touch with their customers. It's all about volume. Our local store was recently converted to a Tesco Extra. The Extra stands to extra high prices if you ask me. The price on nearly everything has increased. The published several articles stating how they listened to the public before making the changes. They've wanted to make these changes for years they didn't listen to what people actually wanted. They wanted a proper hitech recycling system like other store have. did we get it. I don't think so! I even complained to them and didn't get any sort of comeback other than someone called me to ask about my complaint and as i was on the other phone at the time I asked them to hold and they promptly hung up! great one Tesco's!!! This is one unhappy shopper that has increased their usage of other supermarkets and local stores!


Polite Pofesional Service

I run a large fleet of vehicles and have used avrmobiles on several occasions. I have always found them to be polite, efficient and very helpful.
The equipment has always arrived on time as promised and the engineers are very professional, polite and knowledgeable.
I have never had any problems and have recommended them to friends and family as you don't find service like this very often these days!

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