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Pet Supermarket

value for money & reliable delivery.

There is very little i can write as everything was as it should have been. Good value, fas t& efficient deliver. I got what i paid for. I will certainly use pet supermarket again.


Excellent Quality and Value

I have a number of Alpkit items, a skyhigh down sleeping bag and a down jacket, being my 2 favorite. Both cost considerably less than the nearest high street rivals, and dare I say it, better quality.

My sleeping bag is extra long, extra warm, and extra fabulous, at a price of £135, at the time of buying the nearest comparable sleeping bag was over well over £200, a no brainer really, and delivered the next day.

As a regular camper that feels the cold, my Alpkit kit has been money very well spent.

When it comes to ordering they are very thoughtful, you can choose to be called by a human being, to pay over the phone , rather than putting details into the computer. The alpkit staff have always been more than happy to talk and answer any queries.

I am now coveting an Alpkit tent, one day I will add one to my ever growing tent collection.

Keep up the brilliant work Alpkit, and to everyone else, if you are looking for quality kit I would not recommend any company ahead of alpkit.


10 years and still brilliant

I have been buying from Amazon for many years, books, CD's, Electricals' , christmas gift, the list is endless. Prices are always competitive, delivery effortless, even during the extreme cold of christmas 2010, items still seemed to arrive with 24 hours.

Amazon does exactly what it aims to do, and it does it very well.


Problems with delivery DPD

This will be a much shortened version of the tale. At the beginning of March DPD tried to deliver my package, a card was left, so I followed the instructions and phoned the customer service to rearrange delivery, this is where the problems started. The customer service advisor would not work with me to arrange a delivery, unless I paid more money.

There is an other tale that led to particular difficulties with this one package, so it did not fit in with their expected scenarios.

Any way the conversation ended with me being asked to contact the sender. By the time I had done this and was getting back in contact with DPD to arrange delivery, my package had been sent back to the sender. The point to note, here, is that I had 48 hours to contact DPD to rearrange delivery, which I did, therefore the package should not have been sent back to the sender.

The sender, who had been nothing but very efficient, would not send it back out, unless I repaid the deliver, a position I understood, as they had done nothing wrong.

After a month of emails, DPD eventually rang to apologise, they accepted I had rung to arrange delivery, and the parcel should not have been sent back to the sender, the apology was convincing, they where going to sort out the mess, and get the package delivered to me. I was happy, fine, a solution to the problem, he would call me back to tell me when I could expect the package, promised Friday 13th, but saturday 14th at the very latest, I was happy. He rang back, yes it will be delivered friday 13th, yes if there was any change, I would be kept inform. 13th came and went, up at 7 am, just incase it was an early delivery, 7.30 pm still no sign, no phone call had been received.

Saturday 14th has dawned bright and sunny, phoned customer service, to see what was happening, called at 9.11 am 'sorry the office is closed, our office hours are... saturday 8am to 1pm' - now this could have been because I used a geographical number, rather that their 0844 number.

Next I rang the Warrington office, nice gentleman check the status of my package, it appeared it had not been collected from the sender, so it would not be delivered today.

I have sent off anther email to DPD, I am hoping they sort this asap.

So an inflexible delivery policy, being followed by an inflexible customer service advisor, has led to 5 weeks of delay. But I am still holding onto the hope I will finally get this package delivered to me.

After writing the above I received a number of phone calls, apologies, and assurances the issue would be sorted, and it was, on Tuesday my parcel arrived. The staff I spoke to this week were all as helpful as possible. If only the original customer service advisor I spoke to had been able to help in this manor, DPD would not be getting the complaints.

It took a lot of time effort and persistence, on my part, to reach a satisfactory conclusion. But should I have had push so hard to get a satisfactory solution. They have said they will learn from the mistakes, I truly hope they do.

On the bright side, problem solved and finally a happier customer.

17 April 2012

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Spitfirenellie,
Thanks for bringing your issues to our attention.
Did you get your parcel yet?
If not, please email socialmedia@dpd.co.uk with your parcel reference number and a phone number and we'll look to resolve this for you.
Kind regards,


Do not buy from Infurn

Awful company, poor customer services, empty promises, do not use this company. Ordered a bean bag, with groupon voucher, at the beginning of November, had many promises and excuses from Infurn, but still no sign of the bean bag, just a continually changing delivery date. Infurn do not communicate with their customers until pushed to do so. If there is a genuine problem why not keep their customers informed via email. I am now trying to get my money back.

Since the 2 months of posting this, no word from Infurn and certainly no money (it should be noted groupon have been great and have had a been bag delivered through another company) . Really I would like to give infurn zero starts.

If they do read these, I would hope they have the decency to reimburse money they owe to customers.

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