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It is hard to praise this company highly enough.
A while back I bought bluetooth headphones for my iPod from some minor online company. After a few months, the headphones developed a fault, but by then the company had gone bust, so I contacted Logitech and explained my predicament.
They treated me very well and immediately agreed to send me a brand new pair of headphones, which I had in my hands 48 hours later, no quibbles.
This is what I call customer service. The whole experience has left me with such a good impression about the company that in future purchases I will be highly likely to choose Logitech above others.

Hit & Miss

I have mixed feelings about Everything5Pounds, so I'll list their features, with pros and cons, and you'll be free to decide whether it's the company for you.

Everything is indeed £5. Having placed many orders, I'd say that in average, out of 10 items, 2 might be suprisingly good, 2 might be reasonable, 6 might be mediocre or less. Shoes and boots tend to be the less satisfying purchases - I guess £5 for a pair of boots is just pushing it too far. But if you don't mind (very) cheap & cheerful, you might be able to grab some bargains, now and again.

Items are well packaged and usually arrive in about 5 working days. However, postage is expensive. It starts at £3.95, but it goes up drastically with weight. Example: two pairs of boots & two tops would cost you £8.22 in P&P. Perhaps the website should be called after all.

Virtually not existent. In all fairness, the rare times I actually managed to reach a human, they were invariably friendly and polite, but as a rule of thumb you should expect your emails not to be answered and the phone lines constantly engaged.

This is by far what I dislike the most about the company. The website allows you to leave reviews about the items you bought, which should help other customers decide whether to purchase.
I dutifully left honest, polite and helpful reviews, but only the positive ones were published. And the same keeps happening to other customers. .
In my mind, either you allow customers to express their thoughts, or you don't. Picking and choosing just the reviews that make you look good is deceitful.

To summarise, your experience with E5P is unlikely to fill you with ecstasy, but if you are willing to ignore the lack of customer service and stealth P&P overcharges whilst managing your expectations of quality, this is the company for you.


How can DPD still be in business?

I am unfortunately familiar with DPD because of regular orders I used to place with one company. My experience has been abysmal at best. Between the inflexible website, the nonexistent customer service, the unfriendly drivers, and the general difficulty in getting *anything* done, I have actually given up ordering with that company. And I have informed that, unless they change courier, I'm not going back either. Life is too short to spend it wanting to stab myself to avoid any dealings with what must surely be the worst courier company in the UK.

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