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I sent 22 items to this company, who decided they would list 10 of my items. I told them I would pick up the items not listed but got no reply and then 2 days later received an automated email telling me that the 12 items I had told them I would pick up has been 'disposed' of ???? no doubt they have kept the items or even gone on to sell them without my permission. i have asked numerous times and guess what i am ignored!

i immediate contacted the company to tell them I had requested the items back and that they should either retrieve the items or compensate me for the £600+ worth if items they have allegedly given away. They have ignored all my calls and emails and quite frankly have given ABSOLUTELY NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsoever.

As a final resort I have complained and tried to resolve this with the Director David Bracken who quite frankly has done nothing whatsoever. I ask myself what is this company doing other than ripping us all off and taking out goods without permission and obviously breaking the contract which we as customers have to sign with them.

See you in court Stuff U Sell!


13 February 2012

Reply from Stuff U Sell

I am sorry that "p" is disappointed and I have personally spent the past two weeks in
correspondence with her, investigating the substance of her complaint and checking the facts. We have always acted in good faith, maintaining a steady stream of communication with her (only reducing contact when her emails and calls became rude) and have not ignored her as she claims.

"p" dropped in a batch of items to us and the very next day, after careful
research, we advised her that 10 were unsaleable, e.g. things like a Cherry
Chau hairband (average net sale value £4.36 over past 90 days) and a pair of
used Lee jeans (average net sale value £10.23 over past 90 days). We have a £30 minimum sale value and we explained to her that we were happy to hold on to those items for a week should she want to take them back, and at the end of that week if she hadn't collected them they would be disposed of. After a week, she had not collected them, so they were donated to charity. We did not sell them and did not profit from her items in any way.

We were happy to sell the remaining items and listed them on eBay. However, as "p" started being rude to our staff on the phone and email we decided it would be best to close her account and we returned the remaining items to her by courier.

We made no charge for any of the work or costs incurred in processing her batch.

She has attached a value of £600 to pre-owned items that could never have
achieved anything like that amount in the eBay marketplace, and demanded that we pay that to her or face damage to our reputation in the media. We can
demonstrate from extensive pricing research of comparable sales that the
combined value of her items would have been a fraction of that amount and
would have resulted in little or no proceeds if we had tried to sell them for her.

We have thousands of delighted clients who value our advice on pricing and appreciate our service to donate unsaleable items to charity, reuse, scrap, recycle or licensed waste disposal. I am extremely sympathetic to clients who are disappointed when they realise their items have little or no resale value on the second-hand market - after all we have all been there - but that doesn't excuse "p"'s bullying tactics.

David Brackin
Director, Stuff U Sell

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