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this is hard as i really like sky service but their charges are awful

i had a sky account, i was very happy with their services until i had to move house which they quoted me it would cost something like £70 to set up sky in my new house. I said this is a ridiculous price as I am already a paying sky customer and I had already paid the charges to install sky in the previous house. They said there was no way around this and i would have to pay. I refused to pay and my sky services shortly got cut off. I thought I would have a look at my online bill to pay whatever was outstanding so it did not go against my credit history. I logged in and to my horror it said I owed over £300 as I had cut off sky before my contract had ended.

I understand that you have got to pay if you get sky cut off before your contract but I didnt cut of sky.. sky cut off sky. Also they only cut it off as i had moved house and refused to pay to move house. They should have dealt with my situation whereby we had an agreement, but they did not. I still owe them this outstanding amount (which accumalated 2 years ago) and I am not going to pay this amount. I was disgusted by their service and when I phoned customer services they were very rude and they cut me off. I will never be able to go with sky again due to this outstanding amount i owe them, but so be it I am a very happy virgin media customer now :)

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Power Search

if this is the right company then.. AGAIN ANOTHER FAKE LOAN BROKER!!

to cut a long story short.. they charge a broker fee of which is NOT easy to see on their online page. I was charged this broker fee around 7 months ago.. I STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED A LOAN FROM THIS COMPANY. my feelings are that this company is fake.. so please.. whatever you do.. do NOT apply to merlin money.. I also noticed that when you apply to different payday lenders.. they will redirect you to merlin money... PLEASE DONT DO IT!!!! you will not get your money back even though.. after you pay it.. your online page says you will.



to cut a long story short.. they charge a broker fee of which is NOT easy to see on their online page. I was charged this broker fee around 7 months ago.. I STILL HAVE NOT RECIEVED A LOAN FROM THIS COMPANY. my feelings are that this company is fake.. so please.. whatever you do.. do NOT apply to merlin money.. I also noticed that when you apply to different payday lenders.. they will redirect you to merlin money... PLEASE DONT DO IT!!!! you will not get your money back even though.. after you pay it.. your online page says you will.

great service, high APR but not as high as most payday loan companys

i have a loan with 247 moneybox. they are great, you can extend the loan if you cannot repay on time. as you use their service you will see how you can borrow more each time as long as you pay off any outstanding loans on time. The only thing i would say is their APR is quite high but not as high as most lenders these days!

Cash Genie Loans

trustworthy but can be slighty unreliable and very expensive

if you need a payday loan then most of the time you are in an emergency. i applied to cash genie and they gave me £130, which i then paid off.. i applied to them about a week later asking for £190 as unexpected direct debits made my bank overdrawn. They refused me the second time even though i had paid off my previous loan in full and before time. I asked them to look over their decision and tell me why i could not get another loan which they said they were doing. No one contacted me back so I applied for a loan elsewhere.

A few months passed and i decided to apply for £100 for a week as i was in a spot of finantial trouble. They accepted, with quite a high repayment of £130 (£30 per £100) and for a same day transfer to my bank cost my £20 out of the initial £100. I was left with £80 and had to pay £130 back. this is all stated in their terms and conditions and their advisor who transfers the money asks you wether you want a same day transfer or to wait 3-5 working days. Of course you are going to opt into the "pay £20 for same day fransfer" as like i said, if you are applying for a payday loan then you are probably in an emergency.

All this aside, i do not have the best credit rating so to get a loan was a great help to me.. so i WILL be applying to cash genie again.

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happy with their reliable trustworthy service

like it says.. they are reliable and trustworthy. I have never had problems with security on their online website, which is the most important thing whilst online banking. the only reason why i have marked them down a star is because sometimes, temporarily, the online site will crash and wont let you into your online page. This has dissapointed me a few times as I have tried to check my balance at a very important time (ie when direct debits had come out and i needed to check my balance) and could not log in.apart from this very good!


quick, easy and reliable

i have taken out about 3 loans with wonga. they have the option for you to extend the loan (with a one off payment which comes off of the total amount to pay back) if you cannot pay the loan back on time. also you can pay back on the loan WHENEVER you want (minimum £5) which means they are very flexible.. they do not charge for you to pay back early (of course).

I recently fell into arrears with wonga on my last loan by forgetting to extend the loan, after 2 days of my account being in arrears they contacted me via email to ask me wether I would like the interest frozen and to take 3 equal monthly payments to pay off the arrears (you can choose the dates when the money comes out). I still owe 2 monthly payments but true to their word the interest has frozen. I am very happy with their service and would definately recommend. The ONLY thing i would say with Wonga is their APR is EXTREMELY high.. but this is stated BEFORE you apply with them and that is your perogative.

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looove google

what a great search engine. I think when iw as about 8 i used to use ask jeeves.. now i would NEVER use a different search engine other than google. they have got the whole internet service on their one page.. i have never had any problems.. they are just GREAT

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Just Eat

very good online food service but length of delivery time is hurrendous

I am frequently ordering food off of just eat. I love their choice of food and the way you only have to go through the online page to get the food you want. BUT everyone knows that just eat takes half an hour over the stated delivery time.. all my friends have said the same thing. We still order with just eat, but if we wanted food to be delivered at 6.. we would have to order it at 4.45.

13 February 2012

Reply from

Hi Ruby,

I'm pleased to see that you are a regular Just Eat user and that you are happy the variety of cuisine offered online.

Unfortunately orders can end up being delayed due to the restaurants being busy, we do encourage restaurants to amend delivery times when accepting orders and communicate any possible delays to the customer.

If your order is delayed you can contact Just Eat using the online Live Chat service between 3pm - 11pm or by calling us on 08442437777 between 10am - 2am and someone will be happy to help you.

Kind Regards,


James Flood
Social Media Consultant


good service and good tariff BUT very expensive if the number you are dialling is not in your tarriff

I am a virgin mobile customer, my tarriff is very good as i am contracted to pay £25 per month for 600mins 100 texts and 1 gig of internet usage. BUT I have had to phone 0845 numbers a lot off my mobile to get hold of the benefits system.. my bills on average are around £60 a month due to these out of tarriff numbers. Due to these hurrendous charges I am making virgin mobile down on their rating.

Their internet service is very good though, I have a log in page to view my bill online. You can also access your last calls, your last texts and any payments you have made. With online help and access to their numbers virgin mobile have a very good internet site.



To cut this very long story short, me and my partner ordered £25 worth of pizza from our local pizza hut, the online page said WE HAD TO pay online.. which we did. When the pizzas got delivered my partner ACCIDENTLY gave the delivery girl £25 as paying online for a few pizzas is not the norm and he totally forgot. The delivery girl TOOK THE MONEY and off she went. After the pizza we both realized what had happened and we tried to ring Pizza Hut, which was then closed. I rang them the VERY next day as to which they said they were going to contact a manager and get him to contact me back. With a lot of backward and forward calls they said they had no evidence that the delivery girl took the money as her till was not up in money, to which i stated.. OF COURSE HER TILL WAS NOT UP SHE PUT THE DAMN MONEY IN HER POCKET!! Again they said there was nothing they could do. I ended up going to my local pizza hut store where the delivery girl was from and kicking off. The store then phoned the police and tried lieing saying I assaulted the delivery girl (which I did not.. CCTV in shop am i really that stupid??!). The police then banned me from the store..

BASICALLY.. I PAYED £50 FOR TWO PIZZAS THAT WERE ACTUALLY COLD, AND NEARLY GOT ARRESTED!!!! absolutely appauled and I have told all of my friends and will continue to tell people



absolutely love dominos. I signed up to their newsletters so I get emailed on a weekly basis with their latest offer. When you order the food you have an option to look at an online status of how far along your food is, from stage 1 of preparing to the last stage of delivery. One time, 2 mins after I ordered online, I recieved a phone call just to say my delivery is a bit behind and do I mind waiting an extra 10mins.. which of course I said this is fine. Absolutely perfect food!


appauling delivery service

I have had SOOOO many problems with tescos online delivery service. I absolutely love tescos groceries and find their delivery service sooo disappointing that I haven't had tescos groceries for over a year. Their main problem being they take way too long to deliver your stuff.. I think once I waited 42 hours AFTER my delivery slot for my food to finally turn up! I have complained endless amount of times, only wanting an apology. I did not get an apology and in fact they were quite rude.

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very good service

i love ordering from Amazon, my stuff has always come on time (even though that is up to the people selling) and I have never had any problems. I also have a sellers account where I have sold my phone.. the ONLY thing I would say is that they need to have an option whereby if you sell something on Amazon, you can use the proceeds to buy other things on Amazon. At the time being you have to wait a good few weeks for your money from selling something can reach your bank account.

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good lender even though they could not lend to me

i am writing a review as online reviews for lenders are important for other customers. I was declined for a loan with QuickQuid BUT they were easy to sign up to, did NOT charge me for anything and the customer service is brilliant. I did not get the loan probably due to my credit rating (not good but not bad) and I spoke to a customer service rep online who said I can choose to argue this in writing, which I am choosing not to do. This lender has a very good repor and i advise you go with QuickQuid

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i am 21.. work at greggs the bakers and i am an avon rep. i am only doing this review site as reviews are very important to customers and i have had so many problems with big companies i would like to share these problems and warn people to not do the same thing as me