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Disgusting fee structure

I always feel totally ripped off when forced to use PayPal. They charge a fortune yet offer distinctly inconsistent protection for both buyers and sellers.

I now avoid buying from sellers that only use PayPal.


Too expensive, too restrictive and too dictatorial

Fed up with eBay's seller fees - which I now feel are totally excessive. They end up making more profit on items than sellers!

Also fed up with their restrictive dictatorial policies. If you're a seller and get messed around by a buyer, you're not allowed to leave -ve feedback!

No longer an eBay user - there are much better alternatives out there which aren't complacent or arrogant.

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Brilliant source of info.


They supplied me with a car with bald tyres!

Hired a Vauxhall Insignia from them - got it home to discover the front tyres were totally bald - way below the legal limit.

When I called them to tell them that they had given me a car with bald tyres which I couldn't legally drive, they were disinterested because it was close to closing time!

I had to drive it to another branch (they wouldn't collect) and was made to wait several hours in a freezing cold waiting room until a replacement could be found. The replacement was handed over in a filthy condition, unwashed and with an interior covered in fag ash and stank like an ashtray. To make it worse, the tyres on this were also barely legal.

As I had it for an extended period of time I had to take it myself into kwik-fit to get replacements fitted!!


Nothing but problems.

I had a 1 year old Mazda 2.2 diesel. Went in for routine service and got a call from the garage to be told that the timing chain was stretched and car couldn't be driven until repaired. Apparently it's a common fault.

Told replacement parts were on order from Japan but would be delayed by up to 4 months. Mazda apparently don't keep parts in the UK so needs to come from Japan.

I had to fight for them to provide a substitute hire car - and in the end it was 2 and a half months before parts arrived and the car was returned. No apology from Mazda.

Shortly after getting the car back it started leaking oil badly. Again it was off the road while garage fixed that.

Again no apology. When asked if they considered it acceptable for a year old £25k car to have spent several months off the road they said "it's ok because every new Mazda comes with a warranty."

They refused to cover the cost of repairing the damage that the oil leak had caused and flatly refused to entertain any form of goodwill.


Spot on

Superb in my experience. Package delivered from France to my house in the UK within 15 hours - and the tracking info provided shows it went via Germany!


Appalling, incompetent, useless....

these are three words I use to describe a company that I find to be incapable of making a simple parcel delivery on time.


2012 Restrurant Price increases are disgusting

We've been visiting Centerparcs for many years (we're still Select Guests which is the loyalty scheme from many years ago) and always found the restaurant prices to be slightly inflated but overall acceptable for what is effectively a captive audience. HOWEVER the 2012 price increases are absolutely disgusting - around 25% increase across the board.

A Steak in the Hugos country club is now £19!

A chicken curry main course in the Rajinda Pradesh restaurant is £15 - and doesn't include Rice and Naan (which adds another £6)!

Centerparcs, you are playing a very foolish game - taking advantage of customers who have no alternative is not the way to keep repeat customers coming back. This will be our last visit I'm afraid.


Awful. Don't expect any level of customer service

They have proven themselves to be extremely poor in their ability to respond properly to my issue with a brand new item.

Five times I have emailed them regarding the problem. All they do is send generic stock cut & paste email responses which are not relevant to the issue. I am left with no choice but to return the item as I can't be bothered to send any more emails to them.

Very disappointed.

14 February 2012

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Thank you for your review.
I am sorry if you were not satisfied with the response you have received from our customer services.
We try to provide the most efficient service to our customers at all times.
I invite you to contact me on emma@pixmania.com with more information so that I may investigate further into your order as I would be more than happy to help you.
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