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flawed but okay

as alot of people know this is a stalkers paradise when privacy settings aren't scanned and changed.
but the site efficiency is good for marketing an making contacts for company's.
but alot of the time its used as tool for checking up on people and misused to a social advantage of the persons wills.E.g cyber bullying etc.
but as a site for social interaction is good but too many people use it every day for useless activity's and displaying far too much information about a person witch is so easily obtained.



there not to bad on the site but in store its just awful there trade in prices are disgusting and barely offer any deals but they rarely even give returns.
if they disc it preownd and opened they wont refund even if scratched an non working order yet when you trade in you games they knock money off as they please with barely a look to see if its just abit of dust.
the cash for game system is so unjust it makes alot of my family angry to go near the stores


great prices and items

i alwasy come to amazon if no one else has it and they always have the items in stock delivery is usally free on most items great site not had any problems


con artists in uniform

as a birthday present for my 18th i was bought a advent desktop
after they harrased us for 10 minutes asking us if we needed help they lurked around to jump for a commission's boost sale they advice us to go with a vista pc so we did the sales man was nice till we re entered the shop the following day.
a cheap nasty used keyboard an mouse with no ball and no media remote and receiver unit for the media pc witch was on the receipt !.
was not there an further looking up on there computer found that a wireless keyboard and mouse was meant to be given advent branded
after about 3 months the Gpu went weeks later the memory was faulty then after the warranty went out i decided to sell of the parts for funds for a new pc to find out half the part were ever used of not even branded by advent registered components from other companies but cheap Dixon branded items
600 pounds paid for scrap
never again ever!

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great when you forget ;)

you can hop on the great site an post a great card in the next day
life savers


reliable and safe

i used to be a msn email account holder but i only ever used google for shopping and info but since my account was hacked with msn i left after a nightmare of losing my account and not being able to get through msn monster of a recovery system.
so im at google now and 3 years of bliss and safe fast and easy
an i always use chorme over IE

Powerhouse Fitness

amazing range

first product i bought was a marcy multi gym back in 2009.
staff on the phone were great and very helpfull.
Great deals and speedy delivery

great product range

since this company started i bought items from them since the take over from the German company the standards have dropped down
and processing time of items has trebled.
pre ordered items never arrive on time of release just isnt wat they used to be !



flew to Malta for a week flying there was pritty bad i wasnt aloud a disabled seat as i use crouches to walk more than 6 meters .
after the holiday on the flight back i had to stand on the plain with my family waiting almost 15mins in pain waiting to be told if i was aloud to sit down on a disabled seat (near front) or not only one air hostess was kind enough to let me know after i complained three times worse than easy jet.


Deals galore

I at first only looked around at the site to change my case with no idea what i was doing.
then i rang the company the guys at aria were very helpful and professional.
since i bought that case i have always had great dealings with this site and only shop from here truly best site i have found i have been a customer for almost 2 years

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