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UK Mail

Great Service

I've had a few parcel's delivered by UK mail now, all have arrived within the time frame allocated, no damage to parcels at all, unlike City link who seem to play football with them.

Overall I'm happy with the service provided, the 8-12pm time frame is a lot better than being given a 7:30-5:30 estimate. Just means you don't have to sit in all day watching the front door.



As above, just don't bother, I wish I read all the bad reviews and stayed away.

I purchased a Corsair Neutron 256GB SSD for £125 on sale, a good £25-£30 cheaper than other retailers, I took the risk and ordered, woke up the next morning to receive a out of stock email, the item was in stock when I ordered, had to phone up to get it cancelled, then I refreshed the product page and it showed in stock again.

Its been nearly 3 weeks now and I'm still waiting for my refund, glad I paid via Credit card.

I've sent them a few emails about the refund and they keep referring me to their poor T&C's, they keep saying i'll get the refund within 30days. When I initially cancelled the order I was told it'll take a few working days.

To summarize, just don't bother with the company, if your item doesn't get dispatched you really are screwed.

If anyone else has been screwed over by this company please sign the petition here:

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Overclockers UK

Just Wow, Excellent RMA Service

Update 27.06.2013

I purchased a Corsair K95 keyboard from OCUK, they had it in stock ready for next day delivery, (free as i'm a forum member) I asked a question about the keyboard on the forums and had a response within minutes, this is one thing I really like, questions are always answered very quickly, the same cannot be said about other retailers.

The keyboard arrived the next day in a big box with plenty of protection, as always OCUK always package items to ensure they survive a beating :P

Great service once again, highly recommended.

Update 15.05.2013

I placed yet another order with OCUK for a Synology DS413 NAS, first thing I noticed was that ocuk had the best price. Not only was it the cheapest in the UK you also get 3% cashback via Quidco/Topcashback.

So As usual I placed the order around 9:00am and received a dispatch email at 10:50am.

The order arrived the next day nice and early, I was shocked when I saw the box, it must have been twice the size of the NAS Box lol. When I opened the box it was half full of protective bubble wrap, the NAS box was completely protected, in fact I'd say If I chucked the box out the window it wouldn't damage anything inside :P

Overall the service OCUK provide is simply outstanding, I've never ever had an issue with the service, Customer support is again awesome, I've used both the online web note system as well as the forum, queries are answered very quickly.

Update 08.02.2013

I ordered a 7970 Lightning Boosted Edition graphics card from OCUK on the 28th of November, Card arrived in excellent condition.

After a week I noticed some screen flicker, I thought it might be driver related so I removed the old ones and tried a different set, I had the same problem, I then opened up MSI Afterburner and noticed the flicker happens when the clock speeds change. This is quite annoying when in the main menu of games such as Blackops 2.

I decided to give it some more time since the issue was intermittent, after 2 weeks my pc started to crash whilst gaming, I'd get a green screen with black lines and black screen and green lines. Again this was intermittent so I didn't want to send it back and find it works when ocuk test the card.

Long story short its now been 2months since I've had the card and the issue's are still there if not worse. Now when gaming I get artifacts/corruption in certain area's of the screen. Again the big issue here is its intermittent. I have up to this point re-installed windows 3 times, tried loads of drivers, only installed the very basic applications. So the issue is 100% with the card so I contacted OCUK again via the forum.

I received a reply saying they will replace the card for me regardless. I was so shocked when I read this.

So far OCUK have provided outstanding Customer Service, based on this experience I have to say in the 7+ years I've been buying PC Components I've Never had this kind of service. So once again a massive thanks to OCUK for sorting this out. I've just sent the card back and i'll update this when the replacement arrives.

Special Thanks to Bailey on the ocuk forums.

I purchased a 7950 TF3 from ocuk a few weeks ago and noticed the temps were rather high (75c with the fan at 65%), I was also getting random driver crashes etc, so I increased the voltage from 1.035 to 1.1 which is a small increase, the temps shot upto 83c and the fans were very loud (85%). So I raised a RMA and set it back.

OCUK received the card and started testing it the same day, now this is just great, the email stated it could take 5-7days. The next day I received a email saying the item is faulty and a refund has been issued (I requested a refund so I could get something else)

So yeah I'm shocked at how quickly my RMA was dealt with, no issue's what so ever, customer service is very friendly, I asked for updates via their forum and each time I received a reply within 30mins.

Now I've ordered a Gigabyte 7970 Ghz edition, hopefully that card will be much better:P

Big thanks to OCUK, especially to Bailey (forum name) for keeping me up to date with the RMA.

I look forward to purchasing more from you.

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