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One to avoid!

One to avoid!
This company is a US (not UK) company who takes your money and then _tries_ to order what you wanted on the cheap.
They do NOT have items in stock.
They will ring and ask for your credit card details, including the 3 digit security code, over the phone (though so what? - don't we give this info to our local takeaway when we order by phone?). If you are then VERY VERY LUCKY then about 30 days later you MIGHT get your goods.

I ordered a Sony PRS700 ereader on 20th November, was called at home within the week and asked to confirm credit card details and told it was in stock and on it's way (and would take ten days). Ten days later - no ebook, no customer services, no phone number, no nothing, email responses took over five days per email and were typically uninformative i.e. 'our shipping department still has your order in progress', (no really - that's what your online tracking system says!!!). Now the Sony PRS700 I ordered is a discontinued item (I knew this when I ordered it - hence I was pleased to find a website that said "in stock") - I suspect they lied, because sure enough over one month later they had to cancel my order and refund my money because they 'could not provide me with the goods - sorry for the inconvenience'. So they had my £300 for well over a month with no capacity to send me the goods they said they had in stock in the first place.

I'd avoid them like the plague. You'd be better ordering from

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