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Really cheap lastest hardware, games.

I think shopto is really value for money..
best latest hardware and the cheapest prices. its even more cheap on ebay...
get free points every time you buy.
super fast free delivery. next day delivery.
can't see anything wrong with shopto.
best price..on the net.
keep up the good work



phone line is good
BT home hub 2 is not good because the connection keep breaking.
really like the customer service..very good
broadband is slow and expensive
am waiting for BT infinity2 to come out in Rochdale...if they beat virgin media fibre optic then i will move back to BT Insha Allah.


very good broadband speed

on 30Mbps broadband
i love the in HD and upload pic's very fast..also upload video very quick.
download speed is very fast.
but don't like the router that much.
phone line is good.
customer service is good.
the price is good for a fast broadband
i just hope they beat BT infinity2

delivery expensive

delivery expensive compared to other brands.
usely i pay £2.99 for delivery (DPD next day) with matrix nutrition.
taste is in the middle its not better then BSN taste.
and its not worse then matrix nutrition taste.
Taste:- rate.. 5/10
Delivery inc price:- rate.. 5/10

Bulk protein
big bag 5Kg not happy with expired date..its finshies to quick.

matrix nutrition is more cheaper but the taste is not good as
Delivery came on time just like how they said.. DPD next day is a good choice..

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Umbro Khan
Rochdale, United Kingdom


Am from Rochdale..UK, England.
5 foot 8 inch 173cm
72KG in weight.
anything else u want to know?