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Very good

How service should be !!!!!



i personally feel , this is a company that people should be careful when using, I purchased a expensive torch which only used rechargeable batteries.
I ordered the batteries from tantronics. They cancelled my payment , I have had to wait nearly a week to get my money back.
Thus I am sitting with a very expensive torch with no batteries.
I made a complaint to them, pointing this fact out only for it not to be published ( so it seems they only publish good comments ) not the ones that point out they are wrong.bad bad bad

15 February 2012

Reply from www.tantronics.co.uk

We take customer comments and feedback very seriously, and do everything we can to exceed the service levels offered by many other companies.

If we make a mistake we admit it, apologise and make things right, but with this customer it simply isn’t the case.

When this customer ordered they used someone else’s Debit Card and gave an address that was not related to the Debit Card used. This became apparent when we came to process the order so we cancelled the payment and contacted the customer to get further details.

Our duty of care has to be, first and foremost, to the Card Holder, but this customer took offence to this and, after 3 unpleasant and upsetting telephone conversations with our staff, wrote these comments.

This customer also seems to be exaggerating the time frame; He placed his order at around lunch time on Friday left feedback directly on our site at 17:52 the same day stating he had been waiting “some days”. As can be seen from his comments here he states he “had to wait nearly a week” yet he left this feedback on Monday, which I think most would agree couldn’t be classed as “nearly a week”.

It is sad that this customer was so upset that he felt the need to “talk” to our staff the way he did and to give the inaccurate and incomplete feedback shown here.

We hope other customers, old and new, can see from the otherwise overwhelmingly good feedback, just how important good products, customer care and support are to us.

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