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Worst website to buy from

They make every step of the purchase process difficult, silly things like enter country if outside UK, so I left it blank because I'm in the UK, I then get an error message telling me I have to state my country!

That's just one example, but I could go on.

User testing is an excellent idea, oh, and make it easy for new customers to join up or they may just give up!

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Low expectations easily surpassed

Playtime is a small game retailer, the branch in Nottingham is hidden away in Broadmarsh centre.
I've only shopped there a couple of times, however it is very clear that the shop staff care about their product.
During the recent panic to buy PS4s we had tried everywhere to get two for our children, having been let down by the place where we had pre-ordered we happened to walk past Playtime.
So we went in and asked if by any chance they had a PS4. In fact they had two, they held on to them whilst we went shopping.
On Christmas Day it turned out one of the play stations was faulty. I went in on Boxing Day to ask for a replacement, of course they didn't have one (thanks to Sony being surprised by demand, yet again!)
However within 24 hours they'd sourced a replacement and I now have two happy sons.
Thank you Ben for the excellent way you looked after me, and resolved the problem so quickly.


Small luxurious Bed and Breakfast

I stayed at the Manor Coach house just outside Worcester for a couple of nights a week for about three months.
From my first stay I was made to feel extremely welcome.
The breakfasts are amazing with fresh fruit salad available every day a long with a superb full English.
The rooms are all large and comfortable, some have separate sitting areas too, they all have en suite showers.
Wonderful place to stay.


Brilliantly simple

I saw this little pump on Dragons Den, where the dragons failed to see the potential of this product.
It is a simple device which plumbs into the feeds for your shower. It then increases the power of the shower.
I ordered a pair, one for the cold one for the hot water. They were simple to fit and work brilliantly.
However, what really sets this product apart is the personal service I got, having ordered online, I had also ordered a remote control for the power supply. I was contacted immediately by phone to be advised that I really didn't need the remote, the cost was refunded and the pumps arrived within a couple of days.

Great service and a wonderful product.


Category search makes no sense

Trying to find a new energy supplier, but I can't find the 'Electricity' 'Energy' or utilities category. Am I missing something here?

12 September 2013

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for letting us know what you think about our site. We are continually trying to improve it, and value feedback from our users.

You can find the electricity category here:

I have also forwarded your suggestions about the other categories to our category manager.

Thanks again for your comments.

Best Regards,


Superb value and excellent value!

Love the Amazon iPad app! I always go for the free delivery and have never been disappointed.
Oh and I use the kindle on iPad too! Fab!


I am annoyed with npower but they do seem to want to help

Bizarrely npower managed to fit the wrong type of meter, an economy 7 one, they then proceeded to bill me the wrong way round.
I pointed this out and have been left with a massive debt and huge direct debit each month, but they did replace the meter!
The customer service has been good so far, but the jury is still out!


I've had 5 different Renaults

I think I must be very lucky, I've had 5 different Renault cars, 2 Clio diesels, 2 lagunas and most recently a Wind.
I've found all my Renaults to be fun and easy to drive and my current one is no exception! The wind is nippy, corners well and is so much fun! There are some minor niggles, an internal handle on the boot lid would help with the closing of it and the trip computer isn't quite as flexible as the Clio to navigate.
Overall I love the quirky Renaults! Keep making cars with character and fun please!


Appalling customer service and excessive over use charges

I have enjoyed excellent unlimited broadband from Vodafone at home in 2 homes.
Recently they sold their broadband services to plus net a very different experience for me. I had no knowledge of any limit or of how to monitor my usage, first I knew was a direct debit payment double what I was expecting. So I rang to ask what had happened and was told for the first time about the Internet limits.
To make matters worse I was told where to check my usage, only to discover that I was already over double my allowed limit and going to be charged 3 times my normal price. This is extortion!
I discovered that, to make matters worse, the two locations were switched leaving the usage being put against the wrong account. This has been a farce from beginning to end.
The final nail in the coffin was being offered unlimited broadband through plus net for a tiny increase on the payment I was making as a Vodafone customer, just because I said I was leaving! Too little too late, I'm leaving plus net!
The whole proposition based on good Yorkshire broadband with Yorkshire values is a joke.
I have subsequently spoken to 3 different technical people have finally resolved the issue with the two accounts being merged! However, we shall have to wait and see if the problem remains.
Plusnet have an interesting approach to customer retention, despite having 24 hour call centres handling technical and billing issues they can only cancel an account between 9:00 and 5:00 during weekdays and definitely not on Bank Holidays, so if you work for a living and your boss won't let you use the phone during office hours, you are stuck with the providers from Hell! (Sorry my mistake Yorkshire not Hell!)
I was on the point of staying with them because their technical guys are really quite good and patient if you get good ones, however...

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Always helpful, especially in the shops

I recently got an iPad through Vodafone, unfortunately I had to return it as it had a faulty screen, however I was so impressed I signed up to a second one for my wife. The guys in the shop bent over backwards to look after me, get it all set up etc.

Oh and my phone service works well too!

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