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Just the way it should be!

I moved from [external reference] - who's delivery times turned into a joke - often arriving hours late. Sainsburys have been excellent so far, they arrive on time, the drivers are cheery and helpful. I rarely have a problem and when I do Sainsburys sort it out with no fuss.

Just the way online shopping should be, nice and easy!

Pet Supermarket

The worst service ever!

I ordered on 19th Jan and after checking on my order after 7 days I spent nearly every day until 9th February trying to get the order delivered. It became a total farce with parcels getting lost completely, arriving damaged, delivered to the wrong address, part orders being delivered. It was unbelievable, I've never seen anything like it in my entire life.

And the response I get from PetSupermarket? Pretty much oh dear whoops, never mind let's try again. I ran out of some items for my cat and ended up having to go to the shops which was not convenient at all. After the carry on someone from customer services should just about have packed the box themselves and carried it to me! They certainly should have kept an eye on the order progress until it was safely delivered. I e-mailed on 8th Feb to the person allegedly looking after the problem and 5 days later I haven't even had the courtesy of a response!

And as for your phone line it's a disgrace, you get put through to music and you don't get so much as a message saying where you've reached or if you're likely to get any answer. Your only option left is to tray and use the online form - which can take days to get a response. Appalling, especially at 10 pence a minute!!

You SERIOUSLY need to sort out 'customer service' as you'll have no customers left at this rate! Online shopping is supposed to make life easier, this stressed me beyond belief. Not worth it at all!

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