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no after sales service

I had pre ordered a xbox one on MAY 21st this was the night of the xbox one launch after a couple of months microsoft offered fifa 14 free with all pre orders GREAT but not great i hate football so when i read on IGN website that game was offering to exchange fifa 14 for Forza 5 i thought great so i contacted game via webchat and was told that i could not as the forza package was a separate deal. i told them that is was on IGN which they had no responce to only to offer that if someone canceled i could go on a list. They basicaly told me that MORE FOOL ME FOR PRE ORDERING EARLY( what happened to good will jesture) the pre ordering system is a total joke i have pre ordered over £1000 of stuff xbox one and ps4 plus accesories and all they can offer is putting me on a list. I have a thing called a loyalty card in my wallet for me to be loyal to GAME where is there loyalty to me. I have shopped with GAME for years and spend £1000 of pounds but i guess im just another customer who want a console. And from looking on this reviews site getting the stuff on launch day doesnt look to good either no wonder they nearly went bust


great service

I'm not one for many words all i will say about this company is

Simply Electronics Ltd.


I dont normally write reviews but in this case i feel that i need to.i placed an order on sat 3rd i still had not recived it by wed 6th.i happed to stumble on this review site and got the shock of my life when i read some of the reviews.To say i was worrid is an understatment so i got in contact with SIMPLY ELECTORNICS thinking that i had made the mistake of my life.ALL i can say is what i found that i had great service and a great responce.It turned out that my parcel was awaiting collection as due to the weather conditions the delivery companys was not collecting.It is very difficult for companys to keep all customers happy i have worked in retail for over 20yrs SOME PEOPLE WILL NEVER BE HAPPY we all know somebody like this.All i will say about these reviews look a little deeper than the star rating read what people are saying i my experience most of it is on delivery time.we all want our parcels the day we order and the company did say 1-2 days this is all well and good in a perfect world if you order the product xmas week you have got to expect delays.Im not saying this company is perfect in every way there is room for improvement but that goes for every company.The imprtant thing is when there is a problem they sort it out.I think the bottom line with SIMPLY ELECTRONICS is there success ask yourself why you are ordering in my account and i think i can say for everybody else(even the bad reviews) it is the PRICE. We all think think when we place an order there is a team of people waiting for my order and my order alone problems do ocur and we all think the worst me included when they dont arrive on time.But remember they might have 1000 orders a day who knows.But as i said before as long as they sort it out that is all that matters!!! In my case it was sortted out with 1 e-mail. Im sure SIMPLY ELECTRONICS would be the first to admit that there service is not perfect but tell them how to improve rather than ranting on about how little jonny did not get his presant for xmas.(when the truth is daddy did not ord

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