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OK as an ISPL company

We had Sky providing TV, Internet and phone services for a few years before recently cancelling our TV subscription.
When their charges rose to a total of £66 per month, £40 for their TV service (including sports package) and £26 for broadband and telephone services, we decided to use Freeview for TV rather than SKY.
Our bills now £29.75 and the saving is well worth the loss of Sky Sports etc.
To sum up, SKY is fine but over-priced.


Reliable PCs

When one buys a non-OEM PC, it is always wise to check the components against the specification.
In our case, we bought a Pc from them in 2009 and got an excellent PC for the price paid, well below the cost of an OEM machine.
On inspection, we found that the mainboard was not as specified, but this was due to upgrading by the manufacturer, We also noted that the RAM chips were the type supplied to equipment assemblers rather than to retailers, although electronically the same.
The PC itself has been totally reliable for almost 3 years now and has proven to be a good buy. Well done Palicomp.


Trustworthy company.

We have ordered complete spectacles from this company and also have had new lenses fitted in our own frames.
Their prices are much lower than high Street retailers, but one must accept the inevitable time delay in manufacture and postage.
A point to note is that many opticians are somewhat reluctant to provide you with the detailed result of your individual sight test. You need this, of course, to place an order with Perfectglasses.
We got one specification wrong, but managed to sort out an agreement with Perfectglasses to mutual satisfaction.



Back in November last year, I gave them my hard earned money in anticipation of receiving a PC monitor. That was the start of many emails, telephone calls ( generally ignored ) and a great deal of worry that I would lose my money.
Soon after ordering, I came across dreadful reviews of this company ( ) and cancelled my order.
It was not until Trading Standards in Birmingham visited them on my behalf that I was reimbursed.
Weareelectricals survive because the law allows them to keep your money for 30 days without supplying the goods you paid for. Even after that period, they know that the chances of them being taken to court are minimal, so they take every advantage.

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Great local company

I've bought many items from Scan over the years and have never had a problem. Their prices are very competitive and their range of PC items is wide as any online retailer. Naturally, being nearby, I always collect and avoid waiting and shipment charges.
When collecting, they have a very efficient system, so one never waits long.


Mixed experience!

As a private individual, I've been buying / selling on ebay for over 11 years and in that time have experienced the good and bad of ebay.
In that time, the company has grown and has got greedy, increasing their charges and acquiring Paypal to further increase profitability.
Their systems have also changed, mostly for the good, but not always, and their claims for buyer protection are rather over-stated.
Although this is a rating for the company, one must realise that the weakest part of ebay auctions is the individual one is trading with. There are some unscrupulous and irresponsible people out there who one would avoid dealing with if one saw or knew them.


Best Online

Having been buying from Amazon for many years, I can safely recommend them as the best online. They are always 100% professional and are totally reliable, providing goods at very competitive prices and often with free postage.
If you take out an MBNA credit card throgh Amazon, you will also benefit from cash back credit!


Unprofessional - Avoid!

We placed an order online for a shirt, which was shown with a tie, expecting delivery of a shirt and tie. We collected from store - but only a shirt was received. When we asked about the tie, it ended in an argument with an unhelpful salesperson!
The following week, we ordered three items and Debenhams emailed confirmation of the order same day. That was 12 days ago and nothing more from Debenhams!
We have telephoned the store, but for the past week, all they can say is that the order has been 'despatched'. The store say they are not informed of the date of despatch, so there is every chance that orders are being lost/stolen or misplaced!!
There is also the strong possibility in this case that our order has been received by the store but deliberately 'lost' in the system!!
Needless to say, this will be our last order with Debenhams!!

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