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Why pay?

Whats the point of paying for postage then because of the p/f stupid rules the postman cannot leave a package no matter how safe ur property so u have to go and collect it..........so whats the point of paying for delivery? I think because of the lack of trust in their own deliverers isn't that what they're saying(we don't trust u enough to really leave the package u only said u did) So perhaps it's time UK followed the American way.........LARGE Metal boxes for post of all kinds.


Provides members of the public with a valuable service

Only discovered Trust pilot by ident when dealing with a complaint against Motorhog, upon reading the remarks from others showed me Motorhog didn't only do their dirty deed to me but lots of others also. Thanks to trust pilot we can help each other bu not using these co's who give us grief.


not good dismal

I reported a incident with their pharmisist Dec 2010 the customer complaints girl just said @ UH! & OK we'll look into it. It was a very embarrasing as he was telling my private health information to all at the counter. Tesco's response to my plight 'UH'......Zero rating on their customer service. They deserve the drop in FTSE

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