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Further beyond FB!

Thank you for your social network: it is so much more interesting and less "spying" than Facebook!


Slow videos loading

Lots of problems lately with the videos loading


Fastest deliveries ever

Hoping the quality of the service won't go down as the company goes up.

Ogma Books

Check out your sales and customer service!

"I had a misunderstanding with the company. I've stupidly been waiting for my order for days, due to the confusion of the website, where I believe weren't written clear infos about the payment." This was my feedback, for which I got insulted from your so-you-call-it customer service. Here just one of the helpful lines I got back: "We have clear payment instruction and the only stupidity is very much on your side. (...) I am really angry with you now and will not be supplying any amazon orders until you remove the idiotic feedbacks. (...) How old are you? I guessing very young as your whole thought process is so incredibly immature." This "democratically" threading me to remove my feedback.

12 March 2012

Reply from Ogma Books Ltd

Young girl from Italy who selected to pay by cheque at the checkout, ignoring Paypal and credit card options, even though this is indicated as being for UK customers only. Rather than contact us with any issues she left negative feedback here 4 days after the order was placed. When we contacted her to help resolve she replied - "I asked to pay in cash at the arrival of the package. How didn't you ship it yet?" Several emails later exasperation set in which she has decided to carefully and selectively introduce in her updated review. It's a shame that our only negative has come in such bizarre circumstances but there you go.

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