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They want let me take my iphone elsewhere - refuse to unlock my phone to another network!

It is bad enough that I have had to pay over £20 to obtain a code to unlock my Orange Iphone so I can use it and take it to another network provider - been waiting two months now and it takes over half an hour to get to the correct person to ask why it has not been sent (emailed) to me - they just say sorry and yep, should have been sent x days ago - then they say they will send it in the next 24 hours - and it just doesn't happen. This is just a joke - taking me months to get this code and no joy yet!!! I want to use my iphone elsehwere, but can't !!! please no-one use this company - they really need to go bust or the governement / Courts should step in and close them down - rotten to the core - which, as you can see from most other people on this site, is by far the usual experience. Shocking company - why are companies like this allowed to continue doing business? Where are Trading Standards and the Government Regulators???


They hang up on you if they don't like your complaint

This morning I discovered that Sky's customer database is being compromised and the company is either knowingly releasing personal contact details (against the data protection act) to third parties) or their database is being hacked and they dont want to admit it, know about it, or discuss it.
My mother in law had years of abusive nuisance calls from asia - either trying to get info, sell stuff, or scam her for access to her computer or bank account. Eventually three or so weeks ago, we got Sky to change her number. All was fine for three weeks until this mornig when we received an Asian Scamming call from 0101267 - pretending to be Microsoft and wanting to hack into her computer. They knew her name, tel number (obviously) and her full address and that she had broadband and a computer at her home. My mother in law has only given out this new telephone number to close friends and family. The only organisation to have all these details is Sky. - And this scamming company had all these details - within three weeks of her obtaining her new number. I spent two hours calling Sky up this morning to inform them of this issue and every time I attempted to get through to someone who could deal with my complaint (being passed around from pillar to post), they actually hung up on me - I gave them the benefit of the doubt and so called over six times and again, when they put me on hold to "try and find a solution to my problem" the phone went dead - they are actually deliberately not wishing to discuss this problem - they use Asian companies for their call centre, so it looks as if there are people in their call centre who are exploiting their access to Sky Customer's personal data, by selling or at best, passing it on for nothing to scammers - who are also calling from Asia (judging by the weird numbers and accents of the people on the phone.) The fact that Sky are deliberately stonewalling me is absolutely appalling! Dont use them - they will not look after your personal data and you will get hundreds of nuisance calls - some of them very distressing and rude.


Accepted my order on website, but could not easily fulfill it by time or tyres ordered

Accepted my order by their website, however their local franchised person had shut down, so there was no-one in the immediate area to carry out the work quickly and easily. The tyres that I had ordered at the best price I could find in the market were out of stock, with no idea as to when they would be in stock - even if I was prepared to wait for a month, they still could not guarantee that they would have them in, so I ended up having to pay more over the phone with my credit card to have a set or more expensive tyres - one would have thought as it was their fault for accepting my order and then not having the tyres in stock, they really should have paid the difference themselves for messing me about, but no, they wanted to take more money from my credit card - then there was the matter of waiting for their Bradford or Leeds branch to have another job in Harrogate to make it worth their while to travel to my car to carry out the work. The actual job itself and the communication with the local guy in Leeds was good and I'm happy with how it all ended, but there was a lot of hassle and phone calls and I probably could have ended up getting a better deal and better (quicker) service elsewhere.

13 November 2013

Reply from etyres

Dear Marcus

Thank you for taking the time to communicate to us why our service did not meet your expectations. etyres aim to consistently deliver a professional, convenient and reliable service to our customers. A member of the customer service team will be in touch today to rectify the issue.

Please accept our sincerest apology for the inconvenience caused.

Kind regards


good on some points, but very poor in other areas, including a major safety faux-pas!

I have used this supermarket for many years and have, on and off, been a significant shareholder in the company, however, recently I have been disappointed on several counts: Firstly, I used their petrol station recently in Bradford and on filling up with £80's worth of diesel, the pump nozel's automatic cut off was not working and about a litre or two of diesel poured out over my clothes. The man filling up at the pump next to me told me the same thing had happened to him the day before, but clearly nothing had been done about it. When I went into the shop to pay, I made a complaint to the person behind the counter and she did get me some paper towels on my request, although this did very little to prevent me from stinking of diesel all day long. The main thing is, even though I made the complaint, she did nothing about it and the pump was in use for the rest of the day without being disabled or without a notice being put up on it that there was a problem with the nozzle, so Morrisons seem happy to allow fuel to spill out over customers and their forecourt! I also lost about 2 litres of fuel, which I still had to pay for. I made a complaint requesting the £80 that I had paid in diesel would be fair compensation for what had happened, however, they told me that amount would have to go through their insurers (sounding like a right pain in the arse), and that they could not just waive the bill, so I ended up accepting an offer of a £20 voucher from them - not too bad, but could have been a lot better. They also told me that they had checked the nozzle and said there was nothing wrong with it, which clearly was not the case - as both me and another customer had had the same problem with it and I have used nozzles in this particular tank of my vehicle for many years and have never had this problem before - they had suggested that perhaps I was putting the nozzle in at the incorrect angle!! I told them to review the CCTV footage of their forecourt, giving them the exact time and place that the incident happened, so they could see for themselves, but they weren't interested in investigating any further - this is pretty poor when we are talking about fuel spillages on a petrol forecourt! And I didin't feel £20 was adequate for me being doused in diesel on a cold winter's morning and having to smell of it all day on my clothing. Badly handled complaint really and appalling that no warning was put on the pump after I had made the complaint, leaving other customers to potentially go through the same experience.
And on one other note, as has been mentioned by other customers, in the Harrogate store recently at 7pm, I couldn't get any organic milk in the large containers - to make the most of the 2 for £3 offer - not much point in having offers on, if they've run out of something as basic as organic milk. there was one organic milk product on the shelf, in a smaller, more expensive (per litre) carton, however it felt warm to the touch, as did the other milk cartons around it, suggesting that the refridgeration wasn't up to scratch - come on Morrisons, you can at least make sure there's some basic organic milk available at 7pm in the evening!!! Lovely friendly staff though, who were very nice to my little baby boy who was with me at the time - I generally find the staff helpful and very friendly - nice one, on that point!


This company is not interested in losing customers!

If I could do no stars, I would, but I have to give them one to submit this form! It's never a good start to any business relationship to rip the customer off in the first bill - the handover meter readings were way out and they refuse to change the first bill to reflect the readings on the day that they transferred from the previous company - as opposed to the readings they requested of me about two weeks beforehand - so I was charged twice - by the old company and First Utility. They have then lost my Direct Debit Details and so now hassle me on email and text message to pay for a bill, even though I've already set up a DD - Time is money - and they are costing me a fortune in wasted time! it's not worth the good rates that they are charging - not when they have ripped me off from the first bill! The fact that they are happy to lose a customer so quickly - who could be a potentially long term revenue stream is hilarious - so it's not just down to the odd rubbishy customer care person - this is bad management, right to the very top - bad policy and a business that is likely to go bust very shortly if they don't change their ways - if this is british business in the 21st Century, God help us all! I'm going to start learning Chinese! Morna Mackenzie / Marcus Speer

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Dreadful experience - no idea of customer service - Wakefield branch

Here is a letter of complaint I wrote to the Store Director:
Dear Mr. Mokrysz,
Today I had a 10 o’clock appointment at your store which I had booked two weeks ago – and I was very much looking forward to having an eye test and handing over approximately £100 to your store and becoming a loyal customer in return for my eyes being regularly tested and purchasing a couple of pairs of spectacles.
So as not to keep your optician waiting, I wanted to ensure I was on time for my 10.00 AM appointment, so I made sure that my (heavily pregnant and partially disabled) girlfriend and I left in plenty of time to drive in the cold, blustery and rainy conditions to park in a local car park and then walk the 200 yards to arrive at your store at 9.50 AM. On arriving at your store, we discovered the door locked and saw that the opening time of your store was 10 AM, so we waited five minutes till 9.55 and then knocked on the door to see if we could come in out of the cold and rain and sit in the dry warm conditions of your store to wait, in a lot more comfort, for my 10 o’clock eye test appointment. The staff at the store looked over to us as they heard us knocking, but then ignored the knock and continued busying themselves at the back of the store. We waited another two minutes, but with the almost horizontal rain (due to the cold wind) making us feel very uncomfortable and with no shelter outside the front of your store (and nowhere for my pregnant and partially disabled girlfriend to sit down), we chose to return to the shelter of our car and leave the town centre.
I am quite clearly amazed and incredibly disappointed that potentially valuable customers would be ignored and left to wait outside your store in appalling weather conditions, just five minutes before we had an appointment at dead-on 10.00 AM.
Please correct me, if I am sounding out of place here, however, as there is a huge downturn in the economy and with a pregnant woman being ignored, in the run-up to Christmas, in appalling weather conditions outside the front of your store, I am quite amazed that a company that is supposed to pride itself on its customer service, would treat us in this way. I cannot imagine for one minute, what really good reason your staff would have for keeping us waiting out in the cold and rain for those few extra minutes. We weren’t even asking to be served at 9.58, but just to be able to shelter from the weather. No staff, however, even came to the door – our knocking on the door was just simply ignored, although they could see us knocking and looked over at us briefly.
May I suggest that if there is some really good reason to not at least open the door to allow a 10 AM appointment customer to enter the store at 9.58 AM, you should really commence your appointments at 10.15 AM – which will allow for customers to wait patiently, but comfortably in your store until the exact appointment time. As I explained earlier, as with attending a doctor or dentist appointment, it is only good manners and a great deal of consideration for a customer to ensure they arrive a few minutes early for their appointment, to ensure the consultant (doctor, dentist or optician) is not kept waiting by the customer. This is especially the case when having to drive to the appointment in poor weather conditions, where allowing for a little extra time would seem to make a lot of sense.
I very much hope you take this complaint seriously and give me a very good explanation as to how your store staff could treat customers in this way. I dropped my appointment card through your store door at 9.58 and went to seek shelter. If I am not entirely satisfied with your response to this letter of complaint, I will ensure this case is highlighted widely to ensure other (potential and existing) customers are made aware of how your store has treated us – People need to know about this kind of customer treatment, so they may make informed decisions about going elsewhere for their eye care and spectacles.
I look forward to hearing from you shortly,

The Store Director's response had no apology whatsoever, was full of lies and was very defensive - they did not accept that it might be a good idea to open the store up a few minutes before their first appointment time and he felt it was more important that his staff completed their alleged meeting at 9.55, rather than letting us into the store and out of the cold and rain - the fact is we could see the staff at the back of the shop and there was no meeting going on and they could see us standing at the door getting wet and cold. These people do not deserve anyone's custom - shocking service and I am glad we did not go through with their eye test and we did not pay any money to this company - judging by other reviews, it seems Specsavers head office seem to be hiring very poor directors to run their stores all over the UK. Perhaps they could spend some of their UK national TV adspend on training their store directors in the basics and fundamentals of good old fashioned customer care and honesty.

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Good service

Overal a good service at a good price. It was a bit of a pain to have to phone through after ordering online to confirm the order, only for my phone call time to be used for them to make a few extra sales offerings to me - the extra lenses, which I did decide to buy, although would have liked to have shopped around to have ensured these were the best prices out there - as was the TM900 that I bought. I also asked whether or not the media cable supplied was an HDMI cable and the sales guy said yes, but in fact no HDMI cable was supplied - USB and an AV multicable was supplied, but I was misled when the guy told me the HDMI was supplied as part of the cables supplied. The speed of deliviery was excellent and liked the DHL tracking. I would have preferred to have seen the price described up front in pounds stirling for the UK with the Duty already included and not had this added on at the end, however, even with the duty, this was the best price for this camera I could find anyway - makes you realise just what shocking profits the UK retailers are making out of us eh?

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