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kings taxi burnley lancashire AVOID AVOID AVOID AVOID

kings taxi in burnley is horrific its so sick. doesnt deserve 1 star...

i had a miss carry and hemorage i was rushed to the hospital in the very early hours i spent the day at hospital. when i was released my partner had ordered me a taxi to get me and bring me home. since i was taken to the hospital by ambulance i didnt bring my purse-it was the last thing on my mind at the time i passed out from the blood loss. my partner had told them he would pay at the end when i was home like all taxis anyhow you always pay at the end.

the taxi showed up at the hospital i got in we drove about 5 mins the driver pulled over and said it would be £15 i said yes i know ill get the money at home he said no he wanted now i said im very sry but i dont have it now i dont have my purse my partners paying at the house he said get out now i said what? he said no money get out now i said i do have the money to pay it but i dont have it this second i explained i had a miss carry and hemorage and was taken by ambulance so i didnt have my purse but my partners at home and has the money ready he said he didnt care about that and said get my money or get out now i said why cant i pay at the end when i get home why now he said because he wants it now he then said give me your phone or laptop as a deposit i said i dont have anything of value i was in hospital!! he said get out i said i cant i had a hemorage i cant stand more then a few mins, cant walk, and i dont have a phone how am i supost to get home ill pass out and hemorage again. he said get the fuck out my car i said no you cant leave me like that he aggressivly pulled out ragging the car around and said the manager will make you get out the manager said i had to get out i explained again and again he said no you have to get out here (i was under a bridge at midnight!!!!) he said i was making up my miss carry!!!! said i was stupid for not having my purse!!! told me i was stupid again for not having my phone and said i should have brought it with me even though i was pass out by the time the ambulance got to my house!! he opened my door and yelled at me to get out i was in tears and said im going to the papers then he slam the door and told the driver to take me to the hospital.

they were both so rude saying its not there problem its my problem and that im making up my miss carry and making up being in hospital!!

the driver started driving again then said you gunna show me anything? i said show you what? he said if i had something to show him that will be worth while he will think about taking me home, i said show you what, what are you talking about he turned around looked at my chest and said show me. how sick are theese people!!!! its never ok to ask that but i just had a late miss carry i lost my baby!!!!!!! i needed surgery because it was late it got lodged in the cervix causing hemorage and pain.

they just didnt care at all what i was going through, i dont expect much but i expect kindness and a little understanding that im hurting and cant be assed with this shit. on top of that he called me a stupid bitch he was so sick rude and nasty there was no need for any of it.

he should not be a taxi driver!!! he tried to take advantage of me being in a vulnerble state of mind all i wanted was to get home so i could eat since i couldnt eat all day, take a bath, and go to bed and try to forget about what just happend and they made it so much worse because i had to remember it and talk about it so the police could get involved its not fair i have to remember this!!


not good customer service

i have an hp lap top bag and after 5 uses of short distance the handle broke clean off!!

my hp lap top only a few months old has a buttom problem its loose and weird its under warrenty still but i cant get help to get it fixed from hp!! really bad customer service



we had a female vet she was very nice and kind, great with our cat we had her spayed there i was really really scared about it just because it was the first time id ever had it happen and didnt know what to expect i was walked through things and they took good care of my cat they handled her with care talked to her and called her by her name they called after the surgery to say things went fine and again to say shes ok for pick up they showed us the cut they made and it was much smaller then i thought she had about 3-4 stitches and i thought her whole arm would have been shaved but it wasnt just a teeny tiny patch about the size of my fingure nail. she had her stitches out in a week and was walking the same day as surgery night!


not happy at all SCAMMERS!!!!!!!!

where to start.....

dress way toooooo small i couldnt get it past my knees! dress was wrong colour i wanted white got ivory with a blue tint like dress was a robin egg colour blue ish dress beading was falling apart/off the dress, cheap quality of material, bottom hem was not sewn and was frying, beading falling off, foot print stain.

veil again ordered yellow!!!?? it looked like its been in a house full of smokers for 20 years!!

gloves again ordered white got yellow/ivory way tooo small theese gloves would only fit a child true to say they fit my 2 year olf flower girl.

hair bobby pins was ok but like dollar store quality

the customer service is crap i asked to change it for the right sizes ect and the responce i got was "you need to take pictures of it" (the problems) so i did and they responded back saying they dont see any problems and it cant be returned! i went on live chat they replied untill i asked for a refund then they cut off now they did this everytime. finaly i got somewhere months and months and months later about sending it back they said send it back and we will refund you i sent the stuff back....and guess what THEY NEVER REFUNDED ME AND STILL KEPT THE GOODS i kept emailing them and never got a reply back ever again but before i ordered i got a reply back in a few hours or right away.....SCAM COMPANY i wrote on their facebook page and they deleated my comments

in the mean time just so i wouldnt call my creidt card company and revease charges they say we'll see what we can do and how sorry they are and how someone will help me and call me soon soon soon but no replies and now its too late to reverse the payments !!!!

then on live chat "peggy" says so so sorry and says order the dress and stuff again and ill fix it ill make sure quality is better and right size ect.....i was like order again? she was like yes so we can see the one u want and ill refund the cost so it will be a new order for the dress ect she promised everything was gunna be right, so i did and i was scamed and cheated into buying more and my second order was worse.

customer service dont reply to email, live chat they disconect you, facebook they deleted your comments, or if your lucky to get a reply they run you around in circles and you get no where. im devestated.

save your money and buy on ebay from china its a bit better and has a bit more protection from scams. not worth the hassle total waste of money!!

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really fast

the item was recived in 2 days! fast service, fast wait times only took a few mins and got all the answers i needed unlike others where i waited along time on the phone. competitive prices cheapest i found. all in all very happy with service would buy again for sure :)

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