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Vax Ltd

Good customer service.

I've had 2 Vax vacuums for a couple of years now, they're by far the best I've ever owned, (when they're working at least).

Every time a part breaks (has happened about 4/5 times so far - 2 vacuum cleaners, 2/3 years, so not as bad as it sounds), I give them a ring, they send it out with no questions asked (except 'what part is it' of course), and I receive it within 2 days. 6 year warranties are fantastic. It's a shame that parts break, but it's more likely to be my mistreatment of the vacuum than anything else.

My vaccuum cleaner developed a fault (again, likely to be to do with my own mistreatment), they put a bag in the post, I packed it up and ring UPS, they (are in the process of) fixing it and sending it back. Simple and easy. Supposed to take 5 days in total - it's been 2 so far.

So overall:

Good products, maybe not as durable as they could be, but:
Fantastic customer service, which more than makes up for it.

Keep up the good work!

Cult Pens

Unrivaled range, unrivaled service.

Cult Pens is one of my favourite online retailers. They have a great range of stationery, and I have always received my order in perfect condition 1-2 days after ordering.

They often have excellent special offers, and sometimes give surprise free gifts too, which is always a plus. They quickly and efficiently respond to emails about items and orders.

Overall a fantastic company, absolutely no complaints from me.

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