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FAIL. Shockingly unprofessional installation. No Customer Serivce Call Back.

A barely literate ape installed the router in a remote cupboard far away from the room where the laptop is used the most. The signal was so weak the ape had to carry the laptop to the router to get a signal. My wife who would normally never let someone like this in to our home, was told this was standard positioning for the router, he then left clipped cables and wall plaster on the floor and without so much as as a "thank you for your business and welcome to Virgin", walked out. No doubt he went to eat some kebabs and read the Daily Mail with other apes.

I called Virgin and after the third attempt to speak with someone who had event the smallest level of empathy I was told an area manager would contact me but I could not take a reference number or any other notification for the complaint. No call back. I ran again two days later and was told another area install manager, would contact me, again no call.

They sent a reinstall guy that was able to install the router in the correct place without offending anyone or leaving any mess. Still no call from customer service though, it isn't going to happen. I expect they are too busy marketing their services to new customers than retaining/pleasing existing ones.

They even charge you to call customer service (unless you buy more services from them - Virgin mobile). How to nickel and dime your customers or what! These guys have no idea what customer service is. This seems to be standard operating procedure in the UK.

I cancelled the service and went with Talk Talk. Equally poor customer service so far, think its time I moved country again... this place just doesn't get it. It highlights all the marketing as being nothing more than an extremely thin veneer. Shallow, no thanks.

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FAIL. No delivery. No communication. Shop elsewhere.

Failed to deliver at all. Lines 'busy'. I will be demanding full refund. Losers. Spend your money elsewhere.

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