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So Bad I Want To Cry

I have used nearly all the known parcel delivery companies over the years and Myhermes are without a shadow of doubt the worst. On 3 seperate occasions where they have been involved my parcels have been either damaged, gone missing or even kicked around...the latter happened before my eyes.

As an ebay seller of many years experience please head my advice when i tell you to avoid this company and any affiliates. I know on rare occasions Amazon still use them, in such cases I strongly recommend demanding a different courier.

Bottom line, Myhermes will go under. It is only a matter of time, unless some serious changes are made. Avoid at all costs


Despite everything Ebay is still the one

Ive used ebay since before i was legally allowed to use their site, have found some great bargains and made hundreds as a seller

Over the years id say ebay has fallen from my graces slightly, i blame the ever increasing restrictions as per the required safety policies but also the increases in fees.

Ebay is required to charge 15% tax on whatever you make on a sale, this coupled with other ebay and paypal fees plus the mandatory fixed fees makes the experience feel more like extortion at times.

HOWEVER, ebay does give sellers a huge audience of potential buyers. I believe this is why i will continue to sell my unwanted stuff on ebay

As a buyer i feel very protected when buying off ebay, there are measures in place so that its very hard for bad sellers to get away with it

As a seller i tend to avoid ebay all together nowadays, sometimes its just not worth the hassle...other times it is, depending on what your selling


In the past i would even sell things i kind of still wanted but now im more of a buyer only on ebay. The constantly increasing fees seem to be having an effect on the price of items. Its becoming rare that ebay is the cheapest option when i want something

closing comments

I still love ebay and will probably always use their service because i feel safe on their site, there are still good bargains to be had though they are getting rarer in my opinion.

As a seller i believe its becoming more difficult to maintain good profit margins, which is why i dont even bother anymore



Honestly, whenever i hear the name yodel i cancel my delivery and apply for a refund.

Broken and damaged goods, incompetant staff, bad customer service

avoid if possible id say


good customer service

purchased a video game from asda direct, price was about £2.00 cheaper than other online companies

Game arrived damaged and late, upon review i found out asda direct use YODEL to deliver.....explains alot, yodal is without a doubt the worst delivery company ive ever dealt with

Being ASDA though they sent me replacement and £10 to spend in their online store for the trouble


ASDA has always had great customer service and aftercare, even when they screw up i feel they make the effort to compensate for the trouble.

Closing comments

In my experience ASDA understand the importance of the customer satisfaction, its why even when im unsatisfied with their service or products il always come back


Appalling customer service

Pixmania, where to start

Ok lets begin with the one positive thing about this company:

Price was relatively cheap (£10 cheaper than other competitors) so naturally my attention was drawn. This is where it ends though, everything else was a nightmare, and im still awaiting a refund...

placed order on 26 January, payed through paypal. Shortly after paying i noticed the item details on the site are incorrect.

27 january, i phoned the cutomer service team for the first time (which i would later know each by name) asking to cancel order. TOO LATE, its being prepared they say. I explained the item spec sheet was incorrect and being the helpful guy that i am, spent 20 minutes explaining to them what was misleading/outdated/pure rubbish specs.


"you will have to refuse delivery when it arrives"

2nd Febuary item arrives and i refuse delivery as advised. No problem says the customer service team, as soon as its restocked in our warehouse we will begin the refund process

13 days later.....

Baring in mind ive made about 10-15 phone calls to customer services by now....believe me, they dont care.

Still no word of refund, apparently the item hasnt even been registered back at their warehouse yet!

15 Febuary

I phoned this morning and they say they will send me an email within 24 hours with an update. Ive been told this 3 times now and am still awaiting my first email.


Ive had poor customer service before but pixmania, honestly is on a whole new level. My little brother is still awaiting his birthday present. I signed up for trustpilot just so i could write this review...thats how unsatisfied i am

closing comments

Dont be seduced by the cheaper looking prices, there are better/equally good deals online. Customer service is more important
Ive just been told i wont be refunded the shipping costs.....charming

17 February 2012

Reply from www.pixmania.co.uk

Thank you for your review.
I am glad that you were pleased with the price and apologise if you were unable to cancel your order.
We try and provide the most efficient service to our customers at all times.
Once an item is in the preparation stage or it has been dispatched we are unable to cancel or change order details.
In this case we ask that you refuse the delivery, with the given tracking information you may track its return.
Once we have received the item in our warehouse it will be checked and then scanned into our system. Once this has been done you will be fully refunded.
I have been reviewing your file and I am pleased to inform you that a refund request was sent to our accounts department yesterday. I have contacted you directly today and confirmed this.
I invite you to contact me on emma@pixmania.com if you require any further assistance.
Kind Regards
Pixmania Mediator

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