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Will I ever recieve my order?

UPDATE: Well, Infurn cancelled my delivery. I was actually speaking to Sonia today, and at no stage did she happen to mention that the orders were going to be cancelled. Well at least I will hopefully be dealing with a company with some amount of customer service as Groupon have provided an alternative. I expect the delivery costs to be reimbursed. God I wish I could give zero stars.

Firstly, I'd like to state that my original review of Infurn has, for some reason unbeknownst to myself, been moved over to the Groupon ratings page. So if anybody is wondering where the review they wrote has gone to, I advise you to check there. I am not happy that my honest and truthful assessment of the service I have been provided by Infurn and which I have posted as a warning to others, has been moved.

Now, down to business. After my original review had been posted up on trustpilot, I recieved a call from Sonia on the 15th of Feb. She assured me that my item was in stock, and that she would make mine a priority delivery. All of this would lead you to believe that my item had not been shipped. Yet oddly, on the 17 th of Feb, I revieved an email from Infurn informing me that my item had in fact been shipped 4 days previously, on the 13th. Now, if Sonia had been speaking to me on the 15th, and my order had not been shipped at that stage, how was it magically then shipped on the 13th?!

The 13th sounded a little fishy to me, as I had recieved an email from Groupon back in January telling me that Infurn planned on shipping my item on the 13th of Feb. A little look around some of the forums and on this site reveals something a little disturbing. Several people have claimed to have been informed their item has been shipped, only for it to never materialise. Then, the customers cannot get their money back from Groupon/Pigsback etc. because the item has "already been shipped". Are Infurn telling Groupon/Pigsback/Boarddeals that the items have been shipped to buy themselves more time? Who knows, but one thing I do know is that this is an absolute farce. Nearly 4 months later, and still no bean bag.

27 February 2012

Reply from Designfurn LTD (


Dear Rob

Thank you for forwarding the copy email you received from Groupon. I have today reviewed your updated review submitted to Trustpilot in regards to the cancelled Groupon Deal. I am not aware that your order is cancelled, as your order was released for shipment prior to Groupons announcement of the cancelled deal campaign.
"INFURN had no influence over Groupon's decision of cancelling the deal. This was unilaterally decided by them and we were just informed that they would rather cancel the deal than wait for the agreed delivery schedule we originally agreed on.I can confirm that I requested your order be released for shipment week commencing 13 March 2012, latest week commening 20 February 2012.

If you would like to cancel the order as per the email received from Groupon, please let me know and I will arrange to stop the order being released to our freight providers for delivery and issue a refund for your shipping cost.The vouchers' cost will be from Groupon, as Infurn were never in possession of this amount.

I await your response

Kind Regards

Sonia Harris

Thank you for your comments.As per our telephone discussion of 15 February 2012, I submitted a priority request to our warehouse in Germany to release for shipment week commencing 13 February your above Bigboy order, I confirmed with you, if we were unable to make the shipment for the said week, the order would be released the following end of week, commencing 20 February 2012. Details for the arrival in stock for this item is available on your customer account.

In reference to the email dated 17 February 2012 informing you of the shipped date of the 13 February 2012, please note this information was sent by your referrer Groupon. As discussed, please forward a copy of this email for my attention to On receipt of this email we will address this with Groupon.

I trust this clarifies the situation for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further assistance.

Kind Regards

Sonia Harris

Customer Relations Supervisor

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