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awful and confusing, enough said.


Useful, but not perfect.

I use Skype a fair bit, it's ok i guess but get a fair few problems, and there is much better programs out there such as teamspeak which is my favourite



As you get so used to logging onto the internet and your homepage just being there, i guess i never notice that everytime it is the good old trusty search engine google!
Great service!


Never had a problem, but don't like charges

I think paypal is a brilliant way to pay for items from Ebay, but the drawback is on normal tranfers to accounts you have to pay!
Other than this, great service.


Love Ebay, but some drawbacks!

Love window shopping on Ebay, bidding, buy it now etc..
Making buying that little bit more exciting!

Drawbacks are the selling allowances, 10 a month? I don't think that is enough!
Also which was awful from Ebay was when my friend sold an item, was given a false address by the buyer who was given a refund and the seller was fined straight out of his account. He had full proof of sale, print screens, postal records, messages with the buyer sending his false address, but Ebay did nothing and said it wasn't enough! This in my opinion is awful because it's so easy to get away with backing out of items people have bid on and getting refunds!


So boring, just the same as all the other sites which got old e.g bebo.

Whenever i logged in, news feed is full of crap, actual news which if i cared about it, i would watch bbc 1. Nothing to do on there other than annoy people with status' and read others boring status' about 'whats on your mind'
New layout is awful, glad i de-activated.


Love Amazon, cheap, never any problems!

Everytime i order, always comes on time, always sold at a brilliant price, saves shipping and payment details so it's always spot on with no hassle!

Mazuma Mobile

Just doing a review to be nice, not to stand out?

Thankyou for an easy experience, sold 3 phones to you now and never had any troubles, liking the instant bank transfers!

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