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Disgraceful, shoddy, incompetent sh*te-merchants

Bought a *NEW* (allegedly) iPhone 4 from them in February. It has never picked up my WiFi despite my other halfs working fine in the same room and struggles to pick up 3G. Have only just managed to find the time to sort this; took phone to Apple Store to see what the problem is.

Apple Store say WITHOUT DOUBT the phone has already been opened; there are screws missing and all indications are that this phone has had a camera replacement. Therefore Apple are not in a position to replace it and advised me to go back to where I bought the phone.

Complaint sent into Carphone Warehouse whose idea of customer service was to say that they do not sell reconditioned handsets and as I have not bought the issue up 'before' (before what????) that they will not be replacing my phone.

Well sorry CPW, but I'm afraid however long it takes- you will be replacing it. I bought the phone from you, my contract is with you. The phone does not work through no fault of my own and therefore i am ENTITLED to a replacement. Read the Sale of Goods Act and weep. Legal advice will be sought if necessary I will not stand to be ripped off!

All the while I shall regale everyone I know and even those I don't with the tale of the cheeky *ssholes at CPW selling me a second-hand phone in the hope that none of them ever use you again. You don't deserve to be trading.


Literally THE worst delivery company. Thieves and Liars.

YODEL have consistently not delivered packages I order through Very to my address. About 50% of the time I track the order online and I get ‘Address not found’ ‘No Access to Address – ROADWORKS’. Granted I live on a ‘new’ estate (4 years old) but the roads do appear on Satnav these days and half of the time my deliveries do manage to make their way to me on the date stated in my Very account.

On every occasion I have paid for Saturday delivery, I have been left disappointed as they ‘could not find my address’.

Today I have been given the excuse that there was no access to the estate that I live on, just how do they imagine that the residents here have been able to get in and out since Christmas then? The road-works have been there for months and you quite simply have to drive round them. It is almost like a dual carriage way, one side is shut off so the other side is quite CLEARLY divided into two lanes by cones to compensate.
The drivers that they use seemingly use any excuse not to deliver especially on a Saturday, either that or 50% have no common sense and shouldn’t be on the road.

Service is terrible and I have complained to Very, I shall also be leaving my comments on every review site I can find. I have already complained once and received no acknowledgement much less an apology.

Also my husband has been expecting a package for delivery to his workplace which is very easy to find. Yodel say it has been delivered and signed for and have given a name of the person who signed for it. There is only a small workforce and no-one has the name given. Also at the time they said that the parcel was delivered my husband was on the premises and would have seen the van, no surprise that he didn't see it.

Another friend of mine ordered a camera from Amazon at Christmas which was STOLEN by a Yodel driver.

Shocking service, no acknowledgement to complaints and in my experience the just lie whenever you speak to them. Unfortunately the companies I like to order with use them as their couriers.

Virgin Atlantic


Flight in itself was ok but my husband is 6ft10 and was squashed in the seat in economy. Couldn't see screen to watch films as the person in front had seat tilted back and he couldn't scoot down low enough in the seat so he was pretty miserable. Had no bulkhead seats available.


Mostly very good

I love the efficiency of eBay but I have to admit some disappointment at the 45 day rule of opening a dispute. I bought a christmas present early which was a New item and therefore did not open the box to check it. By the time Christmas arrived the recipient discovered that the item was not 'New' as advertised. eBay could do nothing about it due to it being around 50 days later.


I love Amazon

I always get my orders quickly and I love the variety on the Kindle Store.

Mazuma Mobile

Perfect, easy, very quick payment

The whole process was very easy, none of this send it in and we'll tell you what we'll pay, you see the price upfront. Envelope was sent thru very quickly. Sent phone off and received email next day to infom me that the money would be in my account by lunch time!

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