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Having spent 90 minutes on the phone with one of your advisers, I was told that the problem i was experiencing with my wifi internet connection was probably due to something wrong with the devices in my house (all 4 of them).

Although Apple have recently and very sadly lost their great and trusted leader, I am a little unsure that this means quite all the iPods-Pads-Macs and Books are no longer able to draw breath either, so find this explanation for the difficulties quite unlikely.

Furthermore, I was instructed that I needed to seek assistance from the online help, as they could then access my computer remotely and check for issues otherwise unresolved so far. I reluctantly agreed. Having attempted 3 times to connect to an online adviser I gave up. This was due mainly to the small area above the text box which gives the consumer an idea of how long they will have to wait until an adviser will be able to help. I found that this clock reduces as you would expect, by the amount of 60 seconds every minute, until it reaches 1 minute. However at this point, time comes to a complete and inexplicable standstill. Seconds turn quite literally into minutes, and these in turn I would assume, hours, but as I could not wait to find out and had far too much paint to watch drying, I will never know exactly how long that 'minute' would have taken from my life...

At this time I decided to fill out your online form that gave me the opportunity to vent my frustrations and I assumed that this would be answered punctually and perhaps with some assistance in actually solving the problem that I had been having. Perhaps I had been given a small bang on the head before coming to this conclusion as I momentarily gave credit where it was evidently not due – my apologies. Needless to say that until now I have NEVER received a reply to that message. Maybe that is due to the ineptitude of the staff receiving said message and deciding to hide it away in case it became apparent to somebody in the higher echelons that they actually didn’t know how to solve an IT problem, or of course it could simply be that another 'online' aspect of Virgin media simply doesn't work...

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You get what you pay for. Read the instructions and you won't get hit by 'hidden' charges..

I have flown with Ryanair over 50 times, as my family live abroad. I have probably had a delayed flight once, maybe twice. I have always had a laugh with the staff and haven't bought any food I thought was overpriced, as it is MY DECISION whether to buy it or not (!!) People are complaining at hidden charges..look at the rules of your airfare before purchasing. If you don't like them, go elsewhere...nobody is forcing you to buy from Ryanair. BUT, you will almost undoubtedly find they are the cheapest flight even WITH these charges, so again, your choice!! 10 years ago, flights to France with BA and Air France would have cost you £300 return, so when you pay your £20 quid and are peeved at an extra £10, use your noodle...

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