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They couldn't care less for their customers

I have been with this company since they took over Tiscali. I have never had to use their customer service until two weeks ago when I lost my ASDL line. I am still without the Internet and suffered hours of frustrating customer service phone calls at a premium rate number. I was sent all over the world to call centres that I couldn't understand and only seemed to be able to work from a set of rules in a robotic manner. Technical help didn't call back when they said they would and their was no understanding or sympathy. I now am leaving I have had to pay BT to give me a new line with broadband and I am out of contract with TalkTalk but dread phoning them up to cancel my service with them. Talktalk have said that if I cancel my direct debit they will charge me even though I have no service. I have got a MAC code from them eventually but BT will not use it because they are supplying a new line.

Please please please people show this company who has the power and do not go anywhere near them and tell your freinds to read all the reviews on Trust Pilot. Only then may TalkTalk realise that they have to stop this appalling customer service.

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blood out of a stone

If you are a customer with a complaint, beware.......Indesit will do everything in your power to prevent you getting a refund! Equipment exchanges can take weeks and weeks and getting through to someone who can help (that's if you don't keep getting passed around the departments) will cost you a lenghty expensive wait on their premium line number. All in all one of the most fustrating companies I have ever dealt with. It seems the bigger a company gets the less they care about the customer.



Good competitive pricing, free delivery, fast delivery on specified dates. I will definitely buy from this company again and will strongly recommend!!!

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