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Best Pest Control

Nightmare on elm street disapeared over night.

Well, when my wife told me the sad news, yes sad. Bed bugs, never. How, why , who and lots more like ****** and ****** . What do we do now. Enter now the reasearch stage. Calls to the council, shut down, contamination lots of *******money. For that money I could charge half that and hunt down the buggers one by one.

Anyway I went onto google and started contacting and reading about these bugs. After hours on the laptop, came across Bestpestcontrol went onto the site read well, better than lots, and they made sense at last.

Got the stuff thru the post quick as with clear instructions. But I was confused as some of the stuff was different to what we ordered. Thinking the worst, we called the phone number, wow someone answered, a human being answered the **** phone man that threw me for a few seconds wow, so carefully I spoke and the person was real man wow not a machine or dead tone.

Bill was great, he explained my order and reasured us. You know what, once we carried out the instructions and next day man bugs free zone and right now they have not returned.

Thanks Bill.

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