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UK Juicers

Highly recommended.

Good product; right price; good communication; AAA+ delivery. Overall - exceeded expectations - these people know what they are doing and I can recommend UK Juicers unreservedly.


Poor back up on a failed order.

Had a delivery problem and asked them (Amazon) if they had a policy on inconvenience. They are not capable of answering other than by long formulaic irrelevant emails which obfuscate and deflect responsibility away from them. It is between buyer and seller apparently, nothing to do with them; no policy, no opinion. You wait in; it doesn't arrive; hard cheese.

So here is the advice: check prices etc. on Amazon by all means and then go direct to the sellers website, (if necessary negotiate the same price) i.e. buy direct from the seller but probably only if it is over a hundred quid and you are using a credit card which will cover any meltdown.

Amazon just gets in the way by trumpeting about its marvellous but nonexistent dispute resolution scheme and then removing email addresses from correspondence (and not forwarding tracking numbers apparently, so the seller said); weird!

My order got cancelled - refund seems to be OK, I guess they have had plenty of practice. All mildly unpleasant and a complete waste of time. I'll avoid them in the future; I seem to get on better with eBay.

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Incompetent and dishonest service

I had a problem with this company and thought their CEO [now Dixons] might be interested - he wasn't. After four resends and an argument with their customer services who didn't want to confirm his email address, they said they would like my postal address to send a £25 voucher. However what turned up was a strange email with the voucher in an attachment, that looked exactly like spam that had managed to bypass my spam filter. I nearly deleted it. The end result is 'sort of' OK, but what a saga. There was no apology, just a load of excuses. I won't be using them again if I can avoid them.

Here is what I wrote to the CEO:
An issue, which you might agree with me is not entirely pleasing, arose during my visit to Currys 6/01/2013 and I thought it might be pertinent to comment upon it. Unfortunately the invitation to comment referred to on the till receipt, albeit offering a chance to win £500, merely leads to one of those formulaic surveys which is designed to provide management statistics rather than give a detailed response to a particular customer. Hence this attempt to make a more meaningful contact.

I am now in the world of 'satnav' for the first time, and after a bit of research was advised to go for a 'Garmin'. I found that you had one on your reserve and collect website and obtained a reservation number xxxxxxx, to collect from Mallard Road, Castle Lane, Bournemouth.

At the shop I was presented with a rather obviously opened box. It was suggested that the box had 'come open' as the assistant picked it up. A little surprising - most of these things have security seals on them and the cardboard of the lid was bent upwards before the assistant touched it. I therefore asked to look in the box. The contents were plainly used. The screen protector was missing there was no packaging on the unit which was lying face down into the bottom of the box and the screen had fingerprints on it. At first it was suggested that it wasn't used, (which I have to point out, modestly, was an insult to my intelligence among other things), and then when I pressed the point, more or less in the style of a barrister crossexamining a defendant, it was agreed that it had been used and in all probability was a display model. After taking the trouble to reserve a new unit and having travelled some way to the shop, I said it was unacceptable and requested a new one. There weren't any. That was the only one available.

By chance at that retail park you also have a PC World, and it was agreed that someone would see if they had one. They did - just the one - and it was a display model.

I should point out that on 6/01/2013, on your website, both shops were clearly indicated as having the new item in stock ready for collection in one hour.
Two display models, advertised as new, and requiring the customer to go some distance to discover that they are not new, strikes me as rather unsatisfactory? Is there a pattern here? If you are selling off old display models you should make it absolutely clear on the website, instead of wasting people's time, energy and petrol, and then relying on them either to accept the second rate goods, leave empty handed, or try and salvage the situation by buying something else.

If your strategy is the latter, I have to confess that your plan worked after a fashion, because to avoid wasting a lot more time, by going home and starting over, I ended up buying a 'Tom Tom'.This isn't what I had intended to do, but it was the only near comparable on offer. It was £25 more expensive than the Garmin that I ordered, however your manager knocked ten pounds off the price to cover some, but not all, of the hassle.

The internet is supposed to make life more agreeable, but unfortunately this time the experience has been rather disagreeable, and I ended up spending more than I had intended to do as a consequence of failing to realise that Currys are not above giving short measure.

I would be grateful for your comments on whether or not this sort of barrow boy mentality is what passes for service in Currys these days. END.

That is it really. The worst bit for me; was that the guy in the shop obviously thought I was a complete imbecile who could, by default, be lied to. Eventually they emailed, that the CEO (who never got involved) normally replies to email; the reserve and collect normally is for new stuff; they normally phone the customer if there is a glitch; and I suppose normally they don't try to lie their way out of it. All in all it was a bit abnormal. The worst bit for them; was that the tone of the response was that an eventual £25 bung, delivered in a rather weird way, solves any problem and there wasn't any obvious plan by them to up their game.


Excellent service and product

Goods received by return post - no problems.

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