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The Canvas-art-shop

Simply appalling customer service

Ordered a print from them for a birthday; filled in clear details of delivery address in Paypal (which our receipt proves), as we wanted the print delivered directly to the birthday boy.

Goods arrived at our door. When we took it up with the canvas art shop, we received emails that were, frankly, abrupt to the point of rudeness. Here's an example:

"Hi the information on our database is as below to which the shipping address was entered at time of ordering as the xx, xxxxxxx Rd address.

I am sorry but there hasn’t been an error on our database to which I am unable to arrange collection

Kind regards "

Subsequently several emails were ignored until we started to copy Trading standards when we received an excuse for the lack of response: "apologies for not replying the your last email, our server was down for a day and emails stopped coming through" - must have been a coincidence that copying trading standards coincided with their email starting working.

Their suggested solution at this point was to charge us £10 to deliver the goods for us.

So, basically, they washed their hands of the whole matter. Possibly worth using them if everything works perfectly but if something goes wrong, don't expect a response or any offers of help whatsoever.


Easy for suppliers to manipulate

Too easy to manipulate. All the following refers to the Online Homebrew Company (OHC) review page. First of all I couldn't review them because a "validation code" was needed. I assume OHC only offered these to people who actually received their goods in good time. This completely biased the results.

Then for a few days, we were allowed to review them with an order number. Suddenly a flood of negative reviews appeared from people who hadn't received orders after several weeks.

I wrote a factual review of their appalling customer service shortcomings. Shortly afterwards it was removed for violating guidelines, depite being factual and entirely within guidelines.

I complained and it reappeared. After a day or two it disappeared again for the same reason. Despite my best efforts, I have not been able to get it back on there.

Take a look - most of the reviews on there have been reported for the same reason.

I have totally lost faith in Trustpilot on this basis. I suggest that when looking at reviews on here you look to see how many have been removed (lots = big warning sign) and then try to post a review. If you need an "authorisation code" then any review for that company is not worth a fig.

I shouldn't need to warn you of this. Trustpilot should stop the "authorisation code" scam and once they have investigated a removed post they should put it back and not allow removal again. If they did both of those, you might be able to trust a review on here. As it is, take care before believing what you read on Trustpilot's site.

Added on 9th March 2012:

The biasing of reviews goes on. OHC are now back to requiring a "validation code" so I can't even edit my review to point out that they have now stopped answering my emails regarding my refund. Trustpilot should be ashamed of themselves for allowing this to happen.

Do not believe reviews on here until you've gone through the procedure I outline above to check whether they are a true sample or a carefully selected group of happy customers.

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The Online-homebrew-forum

Avoid, avoid, avoid

Placed order 22nd December. Over £200 worth of goods.

The delivery date just keeps slipping and slipping while I'm still bombarded with emails offering more and more cheap goods.

Current expected shipping date is 24th February. Frankly, I no longer believe a word.

No way to contact them bar a 300 character contact box (and you get a form reply).

Do not waste your time and money.

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The Online Homebrew Company

Eight weeks and waiting - avoid this company

Ordered good from this company on 22nd December, total order value in excess of £200.

They were clear that there might be a delay in delivery as the offer they were making was likely to be popular. I also factored in a delay thanks to Christmas. However, they have now gone well past the point of acceptability. Eight and a half weeks and STILL being told another week to wait (I've been told this so many times I simply don't believe it any more).

The odd thing is that I'd still be content if they appeared to have any intention of providing me twith my goods. There are four items in my order, all of which, at some point since I ordered, have been in stock.

It would seem clear to me that if there is an outstanding order against something in stock, Online Homebrew would keep it to one side and wait for the rest to come in, then despatch. However, all I can assume is happening is that as items come into stock then they are shipped against new orders coming in. This leaves me in an awful position where I have to hope that on some day within the near future all the items I have ordered come into stock at the same moment and that they can fulfil the order. I feel like I'm waiting for a lottery win.

Trying to contact them over the matter is not worth the time - you just get a form response. Posts on the forum asking for any kind of statement are deleted within a few hours.

To cap it all, I get an email every single day offering me yet more discounted gear. Do they think I'm stupid?


12th March: Latest News: They part shipped some of the gear a mere 63 days after I placed my order. They promised me a refund of the remainder within ten days on 22nd February. Allowing for the fact that that period ended on a Saturday, I should have had the money back on 5th March. It's not hit my credit card account yet.

As soon as it was late, I started contacting them asking if it was going to be credited on time. They are deleting my questions from my outbox on their pitiful contact system. This company takes customer disservice to a completely new level.

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