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Total lack of concern for customers

I truly don't understand the positive rating. Customer service is a joke; they outright fail to keep promises, they offer no support, they don't even try. They trapped me into releasing a dispute through Paypal, and now they are ignoring me. To call what they offer customer support is a joke. Games don't work; they won't work with the game vendor (say so on the vendor site). The offer solutions that are meaningless or worse. Totally a disreputable company.

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Pathetic Customer Service

Product doesn't work, and they don't answer any support questions. Just an automatic response, then silence. Mind you I bought the product from STEAM, which is also truely pathetic. Don't buy from this company unless you like giving away your money.


Pathetic Customer Service

Bought a copy of ShipSimlator extreme, and it willl not work, no customer support, no help whatsover. All they did was send a link to shipsim.com which I already had. Mind you, shipsim didn't even answer my support question there. I am totally disgusted with Steam. Do not buy from STEAM. Automatic links don't cut it, when they don't work.

Interestingly they were VERY quick to tell me they were cutting off my access to the game that doesn't work when I filed a dispute with paypal. They do worry about the money, just not the customers.


Pathetic or worse

I don't think I will EVER deal with this company again. I can not access my games; I can't get any customer service; all I get is automated email responses and I still don't have access. They have my money, I have nothing. I can not imagine worse service than this. DO NOT BUY from D2D now they have moved. And there is no human to talk to, and I am sick of getting the same useless email over and over again. I wish there was a rating of -1 or maybe -10. I repeat, vote with your wallet; DO NOT BUY from D2D until they fix their problem.

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