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Poor experience.

Went in to the Torquay branch this weekend to pick-up a microwave that had been priced at £54.95. Staff too busy chatting and showing each other their mobile phones too approach to help so I collared some bored looking, gum-chewing doxy and asked where the model was...I couldn't find it, neither could she. It was there however - Just as it was EOL they'd slapped a £159.95 price tag on it! - could I buy the microwave for the previous price?...No...Did they have a restock date?...No. Did they give even care to recommend another model? No.

Complete waste of time and effort, in the future I'll be buying my appliances online same as virtually everything else...Anything to not have to suffer another minute in this joke of a store.


It's got to have a ship on it!

Corsair = Quality. Recent purchase of a CX430 PSU only reinforces the notion...Despite being the entry level unit it's build and aesthetics are perfect. No other PSU brand fills me with such confidence (although Antec and Enermax come close).


Amazing Customer Service

By far the best customer service I've ever encountered, Replacements shipped from Netherlands to UK via UPS, fully tracked and fast as hell.


Solid Company, I don't go anywhere else for Tech'.

A recent build for a non-gaming friend, all purchased from Aria, consisted of an AMD Llano tri-core chip on a very cheap but feature rich MSI board and 4 Gig of the wonderful and insanely cheap Mushkin Silverline DDR3 1333, along with an Arianet (sort of own brand) budget PSU and a couple of bargain Arctic fans and charging/data cables.

Speedy Next Day delivery via City Link - no surprise there, I've been shopping with Aria for several years now and the City Link service(at least in my neck of the woods) is exemplary.

Products all present and correct - plenty of solid cardboard boxes and bubblewrap - Smaller orders might go out simply bubblewrapped and bagged, however the quantities of packing used should ensure that your order arrives safe and sound...I've never received a damaged product even on occasions where the packing took a hit.

Everything went together beautifully.

I don't really look at other sites for my builds as I can be all but certain that Aria will have the things I need at the best price,

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