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Kenny's Music

Great store,great service.

I purchased a Freshman Acoustic Guitar from there brilliant Glasgow store. It's a big open store,so you don't feel as if your being watched or pressurised,so you feel at ease checking things over.
The staff are helpful & informative & don't mind if you try everything out.
Definitely a store I will go back to & would have no issue from buying from them again.
Check em' out.

Red Dog Music

Excellent store...

I purchased a Guitar from RedDog's Edinburgh store.
After finding the specific Guitar I was after,I called up there store rather than just ordering online.I received courteous & helpful advice from there informative staff.
I was also given a discount on my purchase as there was a the tiniest minute flaw to the Guitar I wanted. This flaw was pointed out to me before any deal was made,so I can personally vouch for there honesty. The guitar also arrived the next day,which is another plus.

In summary...A pleasure to do business with. I would have no issue from buying from RedDog in future & would be one of the first places I would check out.


First Class...

First class service from what I gather is a great wee music shop.

I sent an email enquiring about the availability of a Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar & received a prompt & courteous reply.
I then phoned them up & was greeted with informative & helpful customer service.

I can also vouch for there honesty as when I called to enquire about the guitar,I was told that only one was in stock & was currently a 'shop display' guitar,but was in immaculate condition & only a couple of weeks out the box.
I received a discount without even asking.
They could have easily kept quite about this,so a plus mark there.
The guitar also arrived the next working day... another plus.

I would happily purchase from them again if needed & can definitely recommend.


Got some very nice things...

I ordered a personalised wooden train.
It arrived on time,was well made & well packaged.
Slightly overpriced,though everything on there site seems to be overpriced.
Up to you whether your willing to pay,as the really do have some nice things.


Cost affective...

Good selection of stuff at low prices,what more do you need.
Fantastically speedy delivery,though the charge is a bit on the steep side.
Well worth a look.

The Old Fashioned Football Shirt Co. Ltd

I love the shirts,but...

The shirts are outstanding,so much so I've purchased 13 of em'.

The service provided is another issue all together...no matter what shirt you buy it never seems to be in stock.
4 weeks appears to be standard for delivery know matter what you want.
Dunno if this is just so that MY money is sitting in THERE account for a while for whatever reason.
Even if by chance one of your shirts are ready & you happen to have purchased 2,they will wait until the other is ready before delivery,coincidently around the 4 week mark.
Also..they wont inform you of any of this,its not until you loose patience & phone up & ask that you'll get any information out of them.

I've come to the conclusion that there's one person out the back making shirts on a loom.
My record so for is Fastest-3 1/2 weeks , Slowest-7 weeks.

The shirts are fantastic,the rest is just frustrating.


Good selection available...

I was looking for a particular spare part called a 'Fan Oven Element' & found it on the RansomSpares page.
Was well priced & fast dispatch.
Well worth a look.

Reidys Home of Music


I sent Reidy's an email asking a particular question,it was answered within a day.
I then purchased a Fender MA1 Acoustic which was delivered the next working day.
My own experience was 10/10...I can't fault them & would easily recommend.


Excellent service...

Brilliant service provided.
I purchased an Epiphone DOT & had it delivered in 4 working days.

Able to track my package.
Very well protected.

Would purchase from them again if needed & can easily recommend.


Good selection...

I've only used PLAY to purchase PS3 games.
When buying new games I've had no issues other than delivery being a bit on the slow side.

The pre-used selection of games is fairly comprehensive.
I've had a couple of dud games arrive,but that's more to do with the other companies that stock games with Play,not sure if there descriptions are entirely accurate.
Still...well worth the punt & from my own experience I would recommend.


Good service...

I purchased the PS3/Battlefield 3 pack.
It was £20 cheaper than any other online store (i think i just got lucky that day).
It arrived in 3 working days.
From my own experience... I can recommend.


Glad there's a service like this...

The Gumtree experience is all down to yourself.
Always make sure your selling/buying from someone local,have a proper look 'in person' at what's on offer & you can't go wrong...10/10.
If it goes t i t s up,you've only yourself to blame.
Happy purchasing.

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