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I work for them and I agree with everything on here!!!!

I work for them and they're as bad as everyone says they are!!! In fact they're worse to work for then use, and that's going some judging by what's written on here!!!
A few facts-----Drivers (couriers) don't give a shit about peoples parcels, they will leave them anywhere because we get paid shit and with the cost of fuel etc we haven't had a pay rise in 15 years! They will dump them anywhere and the customer service people are as much use as limp dicks in an orgy! They're more fucking retarded then most of the drivers and they think IQ is a brand of car!!! The companies don't really give a shit neither because they charge people for delivery say £3.95 and My Hermes charge them about £2 so the companies are making out of it as well; they also have insurance so these companies sales are increased because they sell twice-as-much and make twice-as-much! We sell stuff on Ebay and Amazon and I'd send it by carrier pigeon before sending it with My Hermes!!! We use collect+, far better service as this is part of Yodel and they're WAY better! Take it to a shop near you, £3.99 upto 2kg and they drop it to the door and FAR more reliable and in less time as well, only 3 days max!!!! You can't go wrong!
My Hermes are useless, cheap and cheerful isn't an apt saying when talking about these gob shites.....cheap and depressing is more like it!!! Avoid at all costs and thankfully I've been looking for and found another job so it's farewell suckers to My Hermes and hello to my new job!!!

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