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Awesome! Can I give it 6 Stars - one louder?!

Just go to this site and find out for yourselves the sheer brilliance of found products and clever reviews - and.....they HAVE A SHOP! GENIUS!!


As addictive as Crack!

Lust/Drool over sweet machines that float your boat!

You know you have to!


V.ery handy service!

Whether you're selling something or offering a job GumTree does the trick - always get a good response to adverts.

Think the site has improved since Google bought it.

Global Bike

Brilliant! Five Stars!!

These guys had the bike i wanted at a price that made me smile :---)

Check out this baby! > /products/Electra-Straight-8-3i-Black-Mens-Cruiser-Bike.html


Awful service!

My Dishwasher broke before Christmas 2012 and then went to SMEG's website to see if they could help me locate a local company who could do the repairs. There is a handy postcode engineer locator. I popped in my postcode and hey presto got four companies returned that are relatively local to me. I called what seemed to be the most established and professional companies "Academy Engineering" ...from the first initial call it took 2 weeks to get an engineer to look at the machine then 4 weeks to get the part and an engineer back to install it..... The part was installed (pump - yes that old chestnut....) but the machine stopped working 2 days after the instillation - but hey no worries the work is under guarantee right......then called Academy Engineering to rebook the engineer and was told they needed to get another pump from SMEG .... they said they would call back ..... they didn't. Called them after waiting 4 weeks and they said that it was hard to get the pumps from SMEG.... he apologised (same each time....) and said he'd phone later in the week - he hasn't.

I'm extremely annoyed that SMEG don't run a quality check on who they are recommending to do repairs for their machines....

Academy Engineering - sort out the guy who is booking in your jobs!!

Awesome Site For Pet Health Products!

I buy ALL my pet meds from for my dog Daisy. She has a rare colonic disease and Petmeds have given me great advice over the past year since i found them. Great job Petmeds!


You get what you pay for.....3 out 5 but only because it's cheap!

Every time I have the trauma of getting to an airport at some ungodly hour to stand in a huge snaking line for what feels like an eternity to be told the flight is delayed and then when finally boarded to be charged a days wages for an insipid cup of tea with a damp sandwich I tell myself... NEVER NEVER again!!! and then before i realise what i am doing i am booking another flight on Ryan Air. Will I never learn......that's the power of pricing.....get em' in on the initial number £0.00 then cross sell/upsell/power sell/tea sell/ everything costs sell! and hey presto i'm being fleeced just for being a sucker on initial price sell....


Gold service

What would i do without Gmail....? Again Google trumps all others in simplicity and an uncluttered well thought through interface.

Good job Google!


Great to sell with ..... but NEVER Buy with lol.

Foxtons are the kings of pushing the prices up so that's why i always sell my houses through them.....but not to buy through them. For that i always go to a little estate agent and find a hidden Gem(s ) that perhaps Foxtons can not be bothered with or the seller thinks their commision is too steep.

Overall I think they are a reasonable company but they have been known to dance the edges.


Genius idea!

I'm giving Zoopla Five Stars just for the sheer brilliance of the data they provide and how they disply it. Yes sometimes the evaluations comparatively are skewed but overall the service is a fascinating peek into what mostly has been kept under wraps for the last 200 years!

I often use it to get an idea of house valuations on a street that i am thinking of buying on. More often than not it gives me invaluable assistance in making the correct bid price ;)


O2 Broadband and Phone

Pretty much 100% uptime on their broadband and never seems to drop in bandwidth. Might be contention ratios but it's a very good service and the help line, whenever i have needed it, has friendly and competent employees (with no hard to understand accents....thankgod!)


Does what it says on the tin

Genius idea! Low fixed costs but it works!! and very efficiently!!

Virgin Atlantic

Great service and Value for Money

Virgin Airlines give excellent service for money - every time i fly with them i've had a very pleasant experience. They often go an extra mile to be friendly and helpful and that makes the difference between a good service and a great service.


Money for what you get...? Marginal

EasyJet or SleazyJet as some of my friends like to say......are the prices fair for what you get .... hard to say tbh.....

Lets compare a flight from London to Geneva using EasyJet and British Airways (leaving in 2 weeks time - a fair test i think) with 1 bag to check in (important as EasyJet charge per bag)

EasyJet: £161.93 ( inc. £9 admin charge for credit card + 1 bag £19 )
BritishAirways: £ 249.60 (inc. all - bags / food etc)

EasyJet wins on price on this occasion but the hidden value parts that BA offer are 1. no jam packed waiting areas/cues to check-in 2. flights leave on time 3. you get a drink and a snack included. 4. your plane is not orange *

Always find the Right Product at the Right Price + FREE DELIVERY!!!!

I cannot think of one bad thing to say about - Awesome!]

Always find a book/cd etc that I want and hey the delivery is FREE!! Which always makes me want to buy from them.

Great job Play!com

John Lewis

Best Company on the High Street!

JohnLewis - they match the price if found lower, stores are staffed by knowledgeable staff and are clean and well organised.

What's not to like! Don't shop anywhere else!

That's why I equivocally give JohnLewis 5 Stars!


Tesco -Sub Standard Over priced Food - Bad Value

Overpriced sub standard food marketed skillfully to the masses.....the bullies of the food industry crushing anyone in their path.

Tesco have ZERO interest in their products they sell - it's only profit they focus on......

Why on earth would you shop at TESCO!


No other Supermarket Comes Close - TOP MARKS!

Waitrose is simply hands down the best Super Market in Britain..... nothing comes close in terms of quality of food for price and the variety of product lines on offer - far far more lines than Tesco/Sainsburys etc. I think their slogan(s) say it all - "Waitrose - quality food, honestly priced" and "Their is little more important in life than the food you eat"

Waitrose are this and more - my big hope is that consumers start to understand that you get what you pay for and Waitrose are better value for money than the other big four by a mile.....


Long winded and waste of time

I used this site thinking i would get the best quote in no time at all....but how wrong i was.....they want TOO MUCH INFORMATION!! and took me AGES......never again......felt like the experience i get from flying SleazyJet.....

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